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Science and Engineering Workers

The Sloan Program on Science and Engineering Workers is a statewide network of researchers interested in the science and engineering labor force. It sponsors campus seminars, publishes analytic articles that summarize key research findings, and organizes field visits to examaine S&E issues in the workplace. For further information, please contact Philip Martin

July 12-13, 2012, Managing the Dynamic S&E Labor Market

July 20, 2011, Dynamics of the STEM Labor Market

March 13, 2009, Stanford, How does Silicon Valley Evaluate Foreign Education and Experience?
 March 13, 2009 Seminar Report
More Information
This seminar deals with how US employers evaluate credentials earned abroad and the US career paths of foreigners employed in US high-tech industries; Click here for the draft agenda. Participation is by invitation only; please contact Rafiq Dossani

January 30, 2009, Examining H-1B Visas & High-Skilled Asian Immigration
 Jan 30, 2009 Seminar Report
 H1-B Visas & Asian Immigration: A Canadian View in California
 Does immigration policy help connect US and Asian firms?
 Qualcomm - UCLA Jan. 30
This seminar deals with the impacts of highly skilled Asian S&E workers and immigrants in the US and Asia. Click here for the draft agenda.

January 18, 2008, UC-Davis, The H-1B Program and Labor Certification: Attestation and PERM
 Jan 18, 2008 Seminar Report