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September 11, 1997

Delaware (Agenda) -- September 11-13,1997

Conference Report

The Changing Face of Delmarva -- Philip Martin

Characteristics of the U.S. Nonmetro Immigrant Population in 1996 -- Anne Effland and Margaret Butler

Immigration, Employment, Poverty, and Welfare Use in Delaware: 1980-1990 -- J. Edward Taylor

Welfare Reform and the Devolution of Immigrant Policy -- Michael Fix and Karen Tumlin

Migrants in Delmarva agriculture -- Mark J. Miller, Philip L. Martin, and Ed Kee

Immigrants in Delmarva poultry-processing: The changing face of Georgetown, DE and environs -- Mark Miller and Roger Horowitz

The Future of Mushroom Production in the United States: Fewer Producers and Expanding Output -- Shannon Reid Hamm

Mexican Enclaves in the U.S. Northeast: Immigrant and Migrant Mushroom Workers in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania -- Victor Garcia

The New York State Hispanic Population: A Description and Evaluation of the Mexican Descent Group -- Enrique Figueroa

New Immigrants In An Old Industry: Mexican H-2B Workers in the Mid-Atlantic Blue Crab Processing Industry -- David Griffith

Ethnic Shift In Eastern Crop Agriculture: Replacement or Displacement? -- Rick Mines

Changes in a Textile Community Labor, Kannapolic, NC -- Michael Schulman and Cynthia Anderson

Changes in the Apple Harvest Work Force in West Virginia: Implications for the Community -- Monica Heppel, Joanne Spano, and Luis Torres

Immigrant Policy in Rural America -- Philip Martin