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October 7, 2000

A Demographic and Employment Profile of United States Farmworkers -- Daniel Carroll

The NAWS at 10 (Agenda) -- October 7, 2000

Changes in the U.S. and Midwestern Farm Labor Markets: NAWS and USDA Data -- Wallace E. Huffman

Changes in the California Farm Labor Market in the 1990s -- Ed Taylor and Philip Martin

Hired Farm Worker Health Needs Assessment -- Don Villarejo

Changes in the Southeastern Farm Labor Market -- Robert Emerson (Acrobat Reader required)

Farm Labor Trends for the Mountain and Northwest Region -- Dawn Thilmany

Hired Farm Workers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States: Changes in Agriculture, Agricultural Employment and the Conditions of Work -- Jill L. Findeis

October 5, 2000

Report, Changing Face: Focus on Napa

* Pictures from Napa *

Immigration Patterns: U.S. & California -- Jeffrey Passel

The Integration of Immigrant Families -- Michael Fix, Jeffrey Passel, Wendy Zimmermann

Farm Labor, Immigration, and Welfare -- Philip Martin

Immigration, Employment, Poverty, and Welfare in the Bay Area Agricultural Fringe -- J. Edward Taylor

Mexican Immigration & Transnational Networks in Napa, California -- Sandra Nichols

Napa: Wine, Farm Workers and Housing -- Philip Martin

If We Plant It, Will They Come? If We Hire Them, Will They Stay? Seasonal Labor in the Napa and Sonoma County Wine Industry -- Sue Eileen Hayes

UCD, Changing Face (Agenda) -- Napa Valley, October 5-7, 2000

October 4, 2000

* ALRA at 25 Pictures *

Labor Relations in California Agriculture: 1975-2000 -- Philip Martin

A Demographic and Employment Profile of United States Farmworkers -- Daniel Carroll

Making the ALRA / ALRB Effective -- Marcos Camacho

Differences Between the ALRA and NLRA With Suggestions How to Make the ALRA/ALRB More Effective -- Robert P. Roy

Mixed Bargaining Unit Work -- Mike Johnston

ALRB or NLRB: Where Do We Draw The Line? -- Ronald H. Barsamian

California Farm Employers: 25 Years Later -- Don Villarejo

UCD, The ALRA at 25 (Agenda) -- October 4, 2000