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Managing Labor Migration in the Twenty-First Century
Managing Labor Migration in the Twenty-First Century

By a Back Door to the US: A Migrant's Grim Sea Voyage

Adding Value to Immigrants' Cash Remittances

Raids on illegal workers drop
The average number of completed employer investigations fell from 6,100 a year during the 1990s to 1,900 a year between 2000 and 2003, and the average number of employers fined for having undocumented workers fell from 1,025 to 110 a year, including 53 in FY02

Skilled Workers Mount Opposition To Free Trade, Swaying Politicians
A new anti-free-trade movement is emerging in the U.S., comprising highly skilled workers who once figured they would be big winners in the globalized economy but now see their white-collar jobs moving overseas in growing numbers.

Chinese Economy's Underside: Abuse of Migrants
Migrant workers are the dark underside of China's economic success.

INS Moves to Plug Student Visa Leaks
Foreign students obtain student visas from US consulates abroad after they are accepted by US colleges, universities, and other schools. The school provides the accepted student with an I-20 Form, which is used, along with evidence of sufficient funds to study in the US, by the student to obtain an F-1 student visa. In 2002, some 73,000 US schools were authorized to issue I-20 forms. There are 4,000 US colleges and universities, and another 16,000 public school districts, so most schools issuing I-20 Forms are language, vocational, and other schools.