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October 1994, Volume 1, Number 9

Berlin Declaration Includes Statement on Illegal Immigration

On September 8, the Ministers for Justice and the Interior from the EU issued the Berlin Declaration, which asserts their determination to develop guidelines on organized trans-border crime. In addition to drugs and nuclear matter, the EU and CEEC will tackle extending the power of liaison officers to prevent smuggling people across the border, coordinating statistical data on smuggling, and drawing up a manual on legislation and administrative practice applicable to smuggling in the different European states.

Guidelines will also be developed on: improvement of cooperation in visa policy as well as increased scrutiny upon issuing visas; effective border controls and border surveillance in all countries from or through which people are smuggled; effective action against sea and air carriers transporting aliens without the requisite documents; introduction, if necessary, of penal sanctions against smugglers of illegal aliens; regulations governing the forfeiture of illegal profits from such crimes; and rapid return to their home countries or countries of origin of illegal aliens.

"EU Guidelines of Cooperation Decided by Ministers on Drugs, Trade in Nuclear Matter, and Illegal Immigration," Agence Europe, September 10, 1994.