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February 1994, Volume 1, Number 1

The Americas

Immigration and Internal Migration Promote Balkanization
William Frey's analysis of 1990 census data found that especially unskilled US-born residents moved out of the cities and states to which immigrants

U.S. Asylum Granted on Basis of Chinese Sterilization Policy
A federal judge ruled that one of the Chinese asylum seekers on the Golden Venture ship that went aground in New York on June 6, 1993 is eligible for

Economic Uncertainty Motivates Rethinking Immigration Policy
Demetrios Papademetriou, who has replaced Doris Meissner as head of the Carnegie Endowment's Immigration Policy Program, believes that the US

INS Issues New Visa Requirements for Skilled Foreign Workers
The Immigration and Naturalization Service is making final a regulation easing new requirements imposed by the 1990 Immigration Act on employers

Nicaraguans Work in Neighboring Costa Rica
Costa Rican border officials permit Nicaraguan farm hands to cross the frontier to overcome seasonal shortages of sugar and coffee harvesters. Some


Massive Internal Migration Expected in China
Some 10 million migrants are expected to migrate to China's coastal cities during the Lunar New Year on February 10, 1994, and governments in

Rise of Foreign Workers in Malaysia
In January, 1994, Malaysia launched a crackdown against the foreigners who are working illegally in the country. The federal government issued a

Philippines 2000 and Filipino Migrants
'Philippines 2000'', is an ambitious new vision for the future proposed by Philippine President Fidel Ramos, who believes that most Filipinos working

Taiwan Restricts Foreign Workers, Allows Some Vietnamese
Taiwan has set strict limits on the categories and numbers of foreign workers. According the chairman of the Council of Labor Affairs, the country

Thailand Considers Legitimizing Illegal Immigrants
The Thai Interior Ministry is gathering information on the estimated 10 million illegal immigrants in the country and will consider the possibility


New EU Immigration Rights Proposed
According to many observers, " Immigration is the largest and most contentious problem facing the European Union." The EU is preparing to issue a

Workers from CIS Flood Russia; New Controls Announced
Hundreds of thousands Ukrainians and Belarusans are migrating to Russia, attracted by a stable currency and jobs local workers shun. The official

Illegal Immigration to Russia Continues to Grow
According to a Regional Representative of the Administration of the U.N. High Commission, there are over two million migrants from Armenia,

Illegal Immigrants Returned to Slovakia
Illegal immigrants to the Czech Republic can be returned to Slovakia only if documents can be produced which prove the immigrant entered from

German Labor Market Deregulation Proposals
The German government announced proposals to deregulate the labor market, promote new businesses and stem rising unemployment. Key measures include

Hungary Needs Authority to Halt Illegal Immigration
The Hungarian government said it needed a broader scope of authority to halt illegal migration and conclude the related bilateral agreements. Hungary

European Birth Dearth and Foreign Workers
A "birth dearth" in Europe resulted in the use of guestworkers instead of allowing wages and markets to adjust to slower workforce growth. Nearly 20

Poland Reports on Foreign Workers
In the first three quarters of 1993, Poland issued 7,889 work permits to foreign workers , according to the Central Statistical Office (GUS). Foreign