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March 1994, Volume 1, Number 2

The Americas

Immigration's Costs and Benefits
The Brookings Institution held a National Issues Forum in Washington, DC on February 16, 1994 at which most speakers agreed that the United States

Administration's "Comprehensive Response" to Immigration
On February 3, 1994, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno announced a five-point plan to curb illegal immigration, speed up the processing of applicants

Operation Hold the Line in Texas
Frank Bean of the University of Texas-Austin is completing a study of the effectiveness of Operation Blockade (today known as Operation Hold the

Los Angeles Earthquake and Illegal Immigrants
Federal assistance for rebuilding Los Angeles after the January 17, 1994 earthquake was held up for several days by wrangling in Congress over the

Governors Ask for Federal Reimbursement of Immigrant Costs; Budget Director Says Don't Count on It
With governors from California (Republican), Florida (Democrat), Illinois (R), New York (D), and Texas (D) suing or threatening to sue the federal

US Labor Department Scrutinizing Temporary Foreign Workers
The Immigration Act of 1990 (IMMACT) revised the rules under which temporary foreign workers can be admitted to the US, and one result is an

Devaluations Increase Mexico-to-US Migration
The threat of increased unwanted migration from Mexico was used to argue for and against NAFTA during the Fall 1993 US debate over its ratification.

Multiculturalism under Fire in Canada
Canada's 1988 Multiculturalism Act was attacked in the House of Commons after the government issued its fifth annual report on activities supported

Aristide Threatens US With Haitian Boat People
Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, frustrated with failed efforts to persuade the military rulers who overthrew him on September 30, 1991,

Immigrant Children in US Schools
A study of 5,200 immigrant school children in San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami found that the immigrant children performed better in US schools


Technical Jobs Increase for Foreigners in Japan
In 1992, about 8,682 foreigners were hired in Japan to fill technical or cultural jobs, about 2.6 times the 3,336 admited in 1988, according to the

Taiwan Revises Guestworker Program
Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs announced that foreign workers would be allowed to remain three rather than the current two years, and to switch

False Document Seller Arrested in Singapore
Singapore, where foreigners are about 10 percent of the workforce, operates what is often considered the world's most efficient guestworker program.

Philippines Proposes Labor Agreement
Filipino National Security Adviser Jose Almonte proposed that labor migration be formally included in the agenda of the Asian Free Trade Area(AFTA)

South Korea Compensates Injured Foreign Workers
South Korea's Labor Ministry announced that illegal foreign workers injured while working will receive the same workers' compensation benefits as

Vietnam: A Changing Picture for Emigrants
Last year, fewer than 100 boat people were reported leaving Vietnam, and 58,000 Vietnamese have since 1989 left refugee camps to return to Vietnam. A


EU Commission Approves Communication on Immigration and Asylum
The European Commission adopted Immigration Commissioner Padraig Flynn's suggestions on how to develop a coordinated response to the immigration and

Germany to Return Croats
Germany in September 1993 informed the 60,000 to 100,000 Croats in the country that they would have to leave the country by April 30, 1994 or face

Kohl Postpones Revisions of Citizenship Laws
Chancellor Helmut Kohl postponed any reform of the citizenship laws until after the October 1994 elections. A draft law by the Social Democrats would

Greece Deploys Police to Stop Illegal Entry
Concerned about the rise in illegal immigration from Albania, the Greek Minister of Public Order announced on February 21 that a police force of 400

Russia has 400,000 Foreign Workers
Vladimir Volokh, the deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Federal Migration Service, estimated that there are 400,000 foreign workers, including


Devaluation Prompts Migration to Nigeria
In January 1994, France devalued the CFA franc used in 14 West African countries from Senegal to Gabon. Strikes and unrest erupted in many cities in

Saudiisation Expected to Reduce Foreign Worker Employment
Saudi Arabia's Fifth National Development Plan (1990-1995) had as a goal the substitution of Saudi men and women for foreign workers throughout the

Israel: Replace Arab Workers with Foreign Workers?
Israeli agriculture Minister Ya'acov Tsur recommended that Arab farmworkers in the West bank be replaced by 1,000 foreign workers, since it has

The Politics of East-West Migration
Arditis, Solon. 1994. The Politics of East-West Migration. Available in July 1994 from Macmillan, Houndsmills, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 2XS Fax