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April 1994, Volume 1, Number 3

The Americas

Immigration Reform Bills Flood Congress
Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming) introduced legislation to reduce illegal immigration into the United States. Key components of Simpson's reform

Immigration Contributes to Inequality
President Clinton's first Economic Report of the President asserted that growing income inequality in the US is "a threat to the social fabric."

Eliminating SSI for Immigrants
A White House Task Force is considering a proposal that would deny Supplemental Security Income benefits to elderly legal immigrants unless they

LA Quake Aid for Legal Immigrants
Applicants for housing assistance in the wake of the January 1994 Southern California earthquake will be spot checked by immigration officials to

Canada Revises Nanny Immigration
On March 16, 1994, Canada reduced the requirements for immigrant nannies. April 1992 rules required nannies to prove that they had completed at least

Operation Hold the Line
Stricter border enforcement in California and Texas seems to have pushed illegal immigrants from Mexico to attempt entries through Arizona. The

Immigration Costs in Texas and Florida
Rice University economist Donald Huddle estimates that legal and illegal immigration cost the state of Texas more that $4.68 billion in 1992, i.e.,

Chinese Smuggled to U.S. Via Thailand
The Immigration and Naturalization Service reported that a major Chinese triad is smuggling thousands of illegal aliens into the U.S. via Thailand.

Immigration to Wisconsin
The effects of the immigration of Southeastern Asian refugees to Wausau, Wisconsin is discussed in an article in the April 1994 Atlantic Monthly. The

Temporary Foreign Workers
An appellate court ruling will make it easier for employers to hire an alien if no Americans are qualified or available for the job. The court


Japan and Foreign Worker Pensions
Japanese law requires employers and employees to each contribute 7.25 percent of their salary to the pension system. In October 1995, the

Taiwan: New Limits on Foreign Workers
Taiwan's Council of Labour Affairs [COLA] announced that after March 16, 1994, no more than 65 percent of the workers on major construction projects

Rural-Urban Migration in China
The Chinese agriculture minister reported that in 1993 the average rural income was 921 yuan ($77) versus 2337 yuan ($195) in urban areas. Urban

Hong Kong and the Migration Transition
Cornell Economist Gary Fields in 1993 wrote an influential paper which argued that both the rate and the distribution of economic growth influence a

Illegal Immigrants in Thailand
Thailand has more than 500,000 illegal immigrants, described by the Thai government as foreign workers and gangsters. Most (300,000) are believed to

Philippine Immigration Crackdown
The Philippine government has ordered a crackdown on the estimated 100,000 foreigners who have been living illegally in the country for more than

Malaysia: A Special Report
The Malaysian government estimated that 50,000 mostly illegal Indonesians left the country during the March 14-15 Hari Raya festival that marks the


Hunger Strike by Asylum Seekers in UK
A hunger strike by about one-half of the 200 asylum seekers at the Campsfield House detention center near Oxford, England has focused attention on

Council of Ministers Discussion
The Council of EU Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs in Brussels has resumed discussions of immigration and asylum issues. Talks had been halted

Germany Postpones Return of Yugoslavs
The German government postponed from March to September its planned return of Bonians. There are more than 200,000 nationals of the former Yugoslav

Sweden: Tighter Restictions on Africans?
The Swedish State Board of Immigration asked the government to tighten visa requirements on visitors from four African nations--Uganda, Gambia, Togo


Illegal Immigrants Ordered Out of Nigeria
Illegal immigrants in Nigeria must obtain residence permits by June 1994 or leave the country, the Nigerian Immigration Department announced in

United Arab Emirates Tightens Sea Access
Police records in the United Arab Emirates show that more than 25,000 people from Iran, Pakistan, India and other Asian countries have been arrested

International Migration Bulletin
International Migration Bulletin, Vol. 3, November 1993, available from Miroslav Macura, Chief, PAU/DEAP/UN/ECE, Room 470, Paiais des Nations,