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May 1994, Volume 1, Number 4

The Americas

States Sue Federal Government
California Governor Pete Wilson sued the federal government on April 29, 1994 for reimbursement of $377 million that the state will spend this year

Illegal Immigration: Numbers, Benefits, and Costs in California
California has been at the forefront of the debate over whether the federal government should reimburse states for the costs they incur to serve

Jordan on US Immigration Policy "Furor"
Former Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan termed the current US discussion of efforts to halt illegal immigration and reimburse states for the costs

UFW Marches in California
United Farm Workers (UFW) supporters in April 1994 retraced the famous 1966 march that led to the union's first collective bargaining agreements. In

50 Million Californians in 2020
In 1985, the Population Reference Bureau published a monograph entitled Population Change and California's Future, which projected that the

Aristide to Cancel US Return Policy
Exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide notified the US government that the agreement which allows Haitians sailing toward the US to be

Living With NAFTA
Most of the US debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement in October and November, 1993 centered on how free trade would affect American

Immigration Fraud
A Hispanic civil rights leader was indicted on charges of running a $6 million immigration fraud scheme that provided fake documents to illegal Asian


Foreign Workers Protest in Japan
On March 14, 1994, 150 foreign workers held a rally in Tokyo to protest the practice of some employers refusing to pay wages owed to foreign workers.

Taiwan Evaluates Guestworkers
The Taiwanese Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) has identified six major problems associated with the foreign workers that have been brought into the

Filipina Maids in Malaysia
On Palm Sunday (March 27, 1994), Malaysian authorities detained 1,200 Filipina maids inside and outside St. John's Church in Kuala Lumpur. The

Malaysia Grapples with Labor Shortages
The Manpower Department's January 1994 Employment Trend report reviewed labor market trends in 1993 and noted that employers were adopting a variety

100 Million Migrants within China
Labor Minister Li Botong, warned that China faced "unprecedented challenges in deploying all the jobless," primarily rural workers who are moving to

Foreign Workers in South Korea
There are an estimated 150,000 foreigners working in small-and medium-size companies in South Korea. These mostly illegal workers face penalties

Chinese Professionals in Demand in Hong Kong
Demand by employers to import 1,000 Chinese mainland management professionals to Hong Kong was overwhelming. More than 4,000 employers paid the


France: Foreigners and Immigrants
There are 3.6 million foreigners and 4.2 million immigrants in France--immigrants include foreigners (69 percent) and persons born abroad who acquire

Kohl Calls for Expulsion of Violent Kurds
German Chancellor Helmut Kohl called for the expulsion of Kurds who took part in highway blockades and violent demonstrations on and after March 19

U.S. Criticizes German Treatment of Foreigners
Foreigners continue to be attacked in Germany, and Douglas Jones, U.S. head of mission in Berlin, sharply criticized Germany for lacking "the will to

Russia's Guestworkers
The Russian Federal Migration Service reported that 15,000 nationals of non-Russian former USSR states, primarily Ukrainians, had received permission

Czech-Polish Border Agreement Signed
Poland's Border Guard Commander-In-Chief and the Czech Republic's Director for Border Police and Foreigners discussed illegal immigration into their

Sweden Gives Asylum to 20,000 Albanians
The Swedish government announced on April 13, 1994 that it will allow about 20,000 ethnic Albanian asylum-seekers from the Serbian-controlled

Illegal Immigrants in Netherlands Misunderstand New Law
Thousands of illegal immigrants showed up at immigration offices in the Netherlands in early April under the mistaken belief that a new law would

Polish Immigration
Prof. Marek Okolski, at a March, 1994 conference on migration in Warsaw, reported that immigration to Poland increased in 1992. Most of the

Britain Excluded from US Immigration Lottery
The US State Department has 55,000 places for immigrants and a lottery will determine who will be allowed in the country. The State Department has

UK Needs Professional Immigrants
A report from the Institute for Public Policy Research says that current immigration policies could be depriving the UK of needed managers and


Ethnic Tensions Rise in Australia
Australia--along with Canada and the US, is one of the three traditional countries of immigration--is experiencing increased ethnic tensions which

Israel Recruits Guestworkers
The Israeli government on April 10, 1994 announced that 18,000 additional work permits would be made available so that Israeli employers can employ

GATT and Labor Migration
The Uruguay Round of trade negotiations that began in September 1986 ended on April 15 with the creation of a new organization, the World Trade

Dubai Tries to Curb Visa Overstays
The Gulf emirate of Dubai is now requiring visitors to pay a US$1,362 deposit , which is refunded only if the person leaves the emirate within the

Bahrain Deports Expatriate Workers
Bahrain deported 1,053 expatriate workers in the first three months of 1994 for violations of immigration and residence laws. "1,053

Trade and Migration: Issues for the 1990s
Philip Martin. Trade and Migration: Issues for the 1990s. CGES-CIIP Working Paper 1, Available for $5 from CGES at 254 Moses Hall, UCB,