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July 1994, Volume 1, Number 6

The Americas

Illegal Immigration
Between 1971 and 1986, the US debated what to do about illegal immigration against a backdrop whose metaphor was that illegal aliens displaced

Wilson-Clinton Spar over Immigration Monies
California Governor Pete Wilson filed a second suit on May 31, against the federal government in an attempt to recoup nearly $370 million in costs

First Haitians Processed at Sea
Six of the 35 Haitians picked up at sea on June 16 and processed on the ship Comfort, anchored in Kingston Harbor, Jamaica, were granted refugee

Immigrant Day Laborers
In many California cities, immigrants congregate in lumber and hardware stores parking lots and on street corners to wait for employers to hire them

Public Opinion on Immigrants
A public opinion poll released by the Field Institute on June 9 found that most Californians support measures to slow down illegal immigration,

Immigrant Self-Employment--A Two-Edged Sword
A higher percentage of immigrants (7.6 percent) than natives (7 percent) were self employed in the 1990 Census Of Population, and the proportion of

English-Only Rules in the Workplace
The US Supreme Court refused to decide on the validity of a 24-year old Equal Employment Opportunity Commission policy that employer rules which

Immigration Enforcement
Operation Hold the Line has reduced the number of illegal aliens entering the US near El Paso, Texas from 10,000 to 100 per day, according to the


Taiwan Threatens to Halt Importation of Filipino Workers
Taiwan is threatening to halt the importation of Filipino workers because of new employment requirements placed on the workers and their Taiwanese

Japan: Chinese Illegal Immigrants and Guestworkers
Over 4,000 Chinese entered Japan illegally, primarily to work, in the past five and one-half years, according the Justice Ministry's Immigration

Bangladeshis and Indonesians in Malaysia
There are over 200,000 Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia, half of whom are there illegally. Most of the Bangladeshis work in plantations and


Border Controls and Foreign Workers in the EU
The 12-nation European Union promised four freedoms when it was founded in 1957--the freedom to move goods, services, capital, and labor across the

Immigration in Germany
Germany is the major country of immigration in Europe. Over the past five years, an average 830,000 foreigners annually arrived in the former West

Immigration in European Elections
Immigration was an issue in recent elections across Europe. Voters in European Union nations went to the polls on June 9 and 12 to choose members for

Sweden Attracts Illegal Immigrants from Baltic States
Over the past two years, about 870 refugees--many without passports or documents-- have arrived in Sweden by boat from Latvia, which is only 90 miles

No More Seasonal Yugoslavs in Switzerland
Switzerland, a country with a per capita GNP 50 percent higher than that of the US in 1992 ($36,230 vs. $23, 120) has a mass tourism industry for

Estonian and Russian Migration
The Estonian Interior Ministry has announced that only 1,000 people will be permitted to immigrate in 1994. Under Estonian law, the annual

Greece, Romania Sign Immigration Accord
Greece and Romania signed an agreement on June 6 to return illegal Greek and Romanian immigrants to their own countries. The agreement includes those

Irish Immigration Policy Nonexistent
An estimated 5,000 to 10,000 illegal immigrants are in Ireland--a country with no official immigration policy. The criteria used by the Department of

Emigration from Portugal
Portugal is the poorest EC member-nation, with a per capita income of $7,450, or less than one-third the levels of France and Germany, and there was


The US Immigration Lottery
Lottery fever has hit Bangladesh. Thousands of Bangladeshis are jamming post offices to apply for the 55,000 "diversity immigrant" slots--including

New Zealand's Business Migrants Not Creating Jobs
New figures released by the Immigration Department on June 6, show that the majority of business immigrants are investing their money in banks,

Australia: Immigration and Housing
Australia has announced an immigration quota for 1994 of 86,000, which includes the conversion of 8,300 Chinese students into immigrants. Immigration

Guatemalans Sign Refugee Deal
The Guatemalan government and leftist guerrillas signed a deal on June 17 to resettle about 60,000 Guatemalans in Mexico. Many live in refugee camps

Center for Immigration Studies
Center for Immigration Studies. 1994. Immigration-Related Statistics-1994. Available for $4 from CIS, 1815 H St NW, #1010, Wash DC 20006-3604.