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August 1994, Volume 1, Number 7

The Americas

Haitian Zig-Zags
The Clinton administration spent the month of July fine-tuning its policy on Haitian refugees. At the end of July, the US was on the verge of

Commission Recommends Better Verification
The Commission on Immigration Reform (CIR) is expected to release its first recommendations in testimony before the Senate Judiciary's Immigration

Los Angeles Times Calls For A New Bracero Program
In a July 18, 1994 editorial, the Los Angeles Times recommended "a treaty to legalize and then regulate the flow of Mexican workers into--but also

"Save Our State'' Initiative Qualifies
California voters will have a chance to vote on the "Save Our State'' Initiative--Proposition 187--on November 8, 1994. If approved by voters, no

Illegal Immigrants Diverted to Arizona
Some predicted that Operation Hold-the-Line in El Paso, Texas, and a steel wall plus additional Border Patrol agents in San Diego, California, would

New Jersey Sues U.S. Government
New Jersey on July 15, 1994 became the fifth state to sue the federal government to recover the costs of providing services to illegal immigrants.

Immigration and Welfare Reform
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that eliminating welfare benefits for legal and illegal immigrants would save $22 billion over five

Immigration and Balkanization
Detailed analyses of 1990 Census data are reinforcing earlier suggestions that, as mostly unskilled immigrants move into states and cities, unskilled

Immigration Corruption in Mexico
The directors of Mexico's National Immigration Institute in have been accused of receiving payoffs from smugglers seeking to sneak Asian and Central

Illegal Americans in Mexico
According to Mexican officials, 200,000 Americans are living illegally in Mexico, some of the "drybacks" have been attracted to Mexico by the

US Migrants
The US has a significant but unknown number of workers who migrate to so-called boomtowns, where their minimum wage jobs barely cover temporary

Refugee Status Granted In Gender Mutilation Case
In what has been termed a landmark ruling, Canada granted refugee status to a Somali woman who argued that if she were returned, her 10-year old

Nine Million People Enter US Lottery
Over nine million people have applied for the "green card" lottery. From June 1 to June 30, the special program run by the State Department accepted

Citizenship Applicants on the Rise
A record number of immigrants are seeking US citizenship; 425,000 immigrants are expected to become citizens nationwide in 1994. The Los Angeles

Canada Plans to Attract Business Immigrants
Canada has unveiled a ten-year program to attract more business immigrants from Taiwan to help revitalize the economy. Canada will begin to issue


China's Great Migration
According to Chinese authorities, there are 130 million surplus workers in the rural areas of China, and their number is projected to increase to 200

Foreigners and Labor Shortages in Japan
The number of foreigners living legally in Japan rose to a record level of 1.3 million on December 31, 1993 --up 40 percent since 1988-- making

Housing Foreign Workers in Malaysia
Malaysian employers who hire foreign workers must show proof that they can provide satisfactory housing for them. If an employer cannot provide

Hong Kong Residents Rush for Foreign Citizenship
The residents of Hong Kong made a last-minute rush to obtain foreign citizenship before China takes back the British colony in 1997. About 42,000


Foreigners Still Under Attack in Germany
In his inaugural speech on July 1, 1994, German President Roman Herzog called on his countryman to welcome foreigners, give citizenship to

Immigrants in Italy
On December 31, 1993 there were 987,405 foreigners living in Italy. The largest percentage were in Italy to work (34 percent), followed by family

Russia's Foreign Workers
There are 400,000 foreign workers in Russia, but only 200,000 Russians working abroad, according to the Federal Migration Service. There are up to

Czech Republic: Foreigners Fees Increase
The price of residency permits rose on June 1 from 200 korunas ($US7) to 1,000 korunas (US$35), and foreign residents who fail to renew their permit

Syndicates Smuggle Chinese to US and Europe
The UN Economic Commission for Europe reports that the number of asylum seekers in Europe and North America declined to 720,000 people last year, a


Foreign Affairs
In an article in the July-August Foreign Affairs, Edward Luttwak argues that great powers will no longer be able to wage wars in which soldiers are

Visa Bulletin
Visa Bulletin, Department of State publication 9514, available from Visa Office, DOS, Wash DC 20522-0113. This monthly publication summarizes US