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September 1994, Volume 1, Number 8

The Americas

Clinton Reverses Policy on Cubans
President Clinton on August 19 announced a dramatic change in the 28-year old US policy toward Cuban refugees. Henceforth, persons from the island

Commission Recommends That States Test Employee Verification
The bipartisan Commission on Immigration Reform (CIR) on August 3, 1994 recommended unanimously in testimony to the Senate Judiciary's Immigration

Haitians Begin To Return Home
On July 31, 1994, the UN Security Council approved the use of force to restore President Aristide to power in Haiti. Troops from several neighboring

Immigration and Politics in California
The debate over immigration in California is rekindling interest in the role of Latino voters in statewide campaigns. Latinos are between 25 and 30

Court Decisions Changes INS Policies
As a result of a court decision, the INS will now take custody of aliens who stowaway in ships or airplanes, and permit them to remain in the US

Texas Sues over Costs of Illegal Immigration
Texas joined Florida, Arizona, California, and New Jersey on August 3 in suing the federal government for the costs state and local governments incur


Foreign Worker Fees in Taiwan
There are 140,000 foreign workers in Taiwan, but employers have applied for and been granted permission to import 200,000 to 300,000. About 100,000

Japan Cracks Down on Illegal Foreigners
The Japanese Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau reports that 2,893 foreigners--over 60 percent of them men-- were repatriated in May and June,

Development and Migration in Asia
Does freer trade increase, decrease, or have no effect on unwanted migration? The U.S. Commission for the Study of International Migration and

Malaysia Proposes Fines for Employers Hiring Illegal Workers
Under the proposed Recruitment of Foreign Workers Act, employers could be fined up to RM 50,000 for each illegal worker employed, imprisoned for five

Domestic Workers in Hong Kong
There are almost 130,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, a sharp increase from the 24,600 of 10 years ago. Most are Filipinos--they are

More Foreign Workers in Korea
On late July, the South Korean government announced that an additional 15,000 to 20,000 foreign workers could be employed in labor-short textile and

No Foreign Workers in Singapore Retail
The Singapore Labour Ministry has rejected a request by retailers to allow foreign workers to fill service jobs. The ministry said that allowing

Cambodian Immigration Law Under Consideration
A law which would provide for the deportation and expulsion of aliens is currently being considered by the National Assembly in Phnom Penh. The law

Illegal Immigration To and Through Thailand
The Thai police bureau commissioner reports that approximately 500,000 illegal aliens currently live in Thailand. Most are believed to be Burmese


Five-year Low in German Asylum Seekers
Since 1990, 1,209,965 foreigners have applied for asylum in Germany, including 438,191 in 1992 and 322,599 in 1993. On July 1, 1993, Germany's asylum

Decline in Illegal Immigration to Czech Republic
The Czech Republic reports that the number of illegal immigrants apprehended on its borders has fallen from 5,000 in January to less than 1,000 in

Greece to Beef Up Border Patrol
Greece plans to move 5,000 border police to the Greek-Albanian border in an effort to halt illegal immigration. Relations between Greece and Albania

EU Immigration Proposals Worry House of Lords
The All-Party Committee of Peers has called for stronger immigration controls at the borders of the European Union. Meanwhile, the upper house of the

French Interior Minister Popular with Immigration Stand
In a profile of French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua, it was noted that the law-and-order minister's efforts to "protect France from illegal

Belarus and Ukraine Promote Export of Workers
Belarussian officials have encouraged the export of workers to ease unemployment pressures in their own country, and have received over $1 billion

Attacks on Foreigners in Italy
There are 1 million non-EU foreigners living in Italy, and 160,000 EU nationals. Most of the non-EU foreigners are Africans, and this summer Italian


Refugees and UNHCR
The number of refugees worldwide has more than doubled over the past 10 years, from 10.5 million in 1984 to 23 million in 1994. In addition, there

Australia's Refugee Costs
According to the Australian Department of Immigration, it cost nearly $66 million last year to keep 400 boat people in detention and to process

The Kuwaiti Minority
After the 1990-91 Gulf War, Kuwaiti leaders announced that they would never again allow Kuwaitis to become a minority in their own country. But

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