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October 1994, Volume 1, Number 9

The Americas

Immigration and the California Election
California Governor Pete Wilson declared an "immigration emergency" on September 21 and argued in a third lawsuit against the federal government that

US Sets Quota for Cuban Immigrants
The US and Cuba negotiated an agreement on September 9 in New York which calls for the US to accept a minimum 20,000 Cubans annually, and on

No Haitian Invasion
On September 15, President Clinton announced that the US would lead an invasion of Haiti if necessary to restore elected President Aristide to power

INS Mismanagement
The New York Times, in a series of articles September 11-16, criticized the Immigration and Naturalization Service as an agency that is mismanaged

Immigration and Farmworker Unions
The United Farm Workers (UFW) union held its twelfth constitutional convention in Fresno, California on September 3-4, 1994. Perhaps more than any

Immigration and Welfare in Canada
Ontario has 40 percent of Canada's 29 million people, but 50 percent of Canada's welfare recipients and costs. Most of the welfare recipients are

Immigrants and the US Labor Market
Economists disagree about the effects of immigrants on jobs and wages, and partisans tend to exaggerate their effects. Economic theory and history

Studies Continue to Dispute Immigration's Benefits and Costs
In response to pleas and suits by governors seeking federal reimbursement for the costs of illegal immigration, the Urban Institute in Washington, DC

SOS in California
Proposition 187, Save Our State, on the November 8 California ballot would amend California's constitution to deny benefits such as public

English-only Rule Upheld by Supreme Court
The US Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that English-only workplace rules do not discriminate against Spanish-speaking employees.

DOL Immigration Policymaking
Jack Otero, deputy under secretary who heads the Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) at the Department of Labor, announced in September 1994

Unions and Immigration Policy
The AFL-CIO Executive Council has called for a re-examination of the employer sanctions provisions of IRCA and the defeat of the SOS initiative in

Foreign Students in the US
In 1992-93, there were 439,000 foreign students in the US, and 71,000 Americans studying overseas (1991-92). Over half of the foreign students were


Illegal Foreigners Decline in Japan
A crackdown on foreigners living illegally in Japan has resulted in a decline in the number of foreigners overstaying their visas. As of May 1,

Malaysia Recruits 17,000 Indonesian Workers
The Development Minister of Malaysia has requested that Indonesia provide 17,000 agricultural workers for the oil palm plantations. The Development

South Korea Assists Illegal Foreign Workers
Illegal foreign workers deported from South Korea without being paid back wages or worker's compensation will be offered government assistance. The

Taiwan Deports Filipinos
Taiwan announced that 5,000 illegal Filipino workers will be returned at the end 1994 with the aid of the Philippine government, and that 1,000 young

Migration in China
China has announced that beginning November 1, 1994 Beijing employers will have to pay the equivalent of $11,600 for residence permits for migrant


Berlin Declaration Includes Statement on Illegal Immigration
On September 8, the Ministers for Justice and the Interior from the EU issued the Berlin Declaration, which asserts their determination to develop

Foreigners in France
According to INSEE, there are 4.2 million immigrants living in France. About 45 percent are North African or African, 40 percent are European, and 12

Russian Immigration Controls
The government of Russia passed two resolutions on September 8 aimed at developing measures to control immigration into the Russian Federation and

Immigration and Germany's Elections
On October 16, German voters will choose a new Parliament. The Christian Democratic Union and its sister Bavarian party, the Christian Social Union,

Czech Republic Releases Report on Permanent Residents
A new report released by the Czech government on September 12 says that there were 77,688 foreigners with long-term or permanent residence in the

EU Court on Work Permits
The European Court overturned a French government decision, ruling that Moroccan workers employed by a Belgian firm did not need separate French work

Cyprus Claims Mass Importation of Turkish Workers
The Cypriot government has stated it is illegal to change the demography of Turkish-occupied Cyprus through "illegal immigration," which it alleges


Cairo Population Conference and Immigration
The United States blocked the principal of the "right to family reunification" at the UN population conference in Cairo, Egypt in September. The

Tariffs and Foreign Workers Effect Australian Wages
A report on the effect of lower tariffs by the Australian Reserve Bank found that Australian and American workers who remain in import-competing

Venezuela Seeks Money for East European Immigrants
Venezuela is asking the European Union for funds to help immigrants from East European nations settle in Venezuela. The head of the Selective

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