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November 1994, Volume 1, Number 10

The Americas

SOS Dominates California Campaign
The "Save Our State'' Initiative--Proposition 187--figured prominently in California political campaigns in October, and forced many state and

Commission on Immigration Reform Issues Report
The nine-member Commission on Immigration Reform created by IMMACT in 1990 issued its interim report on September 30. The CIR recommended unanimously

Operation Gatekeeper in San Diego
On October 1, 1994, the US Border Patrol assigned 200 additional agents to guard the 14 miles of border between the US and Mexico south of San Diego.

Judge Stops Return of Cubans
On October 14, President Clinton announced that Cubans being held at Guantanamo would have to return first to Cuba to apply for U.S. immigrant status

Agricultural Labor Shortages
On September 27, 1994, the Los Angeles Times reported that "raisin farmers were hit by shortage of workers." The article quoted grower assertions

Chinese Alien Smuggling
Chinese triads obtain an estimated $3 billion per year smuggling 100,000 Chinese aliens into the US. They worked in relative anonymity until the

Immigrant-Native Tensions in Wisconsin
On October 16, 1994, the CBS TV-News magazine 60 Minutes described refugee-native tensions in Wausau, Wisconsin. This small city was populated almost


Taiwan Allows More Foreign Workers
Manufacturing firms in Taiwan have been given the green light by the Council of Labor Affairs to submit applications to import foreign workers. The

Malaysia to Continue Import of Bangladeshi Workers
Malaysia agreed to import 50,000 skilled and semi-skilled workers from Bangladesh each year. There are currently 100,000 Bangladeshi workers in

Labor Shortages in Asia
Some four million Asians work in an Asian country other than their own. Foreign workers are drawn to South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and

Philippine Overseas Workers
Between 1990 and 1993, the number of Filipinos abroad has increased from five to six million, a 20 percent increase over the previous three-year

Cambodia- No Expulsions of Vietnamese
Cambodia continues to insist that a new immigration law effective September 22 will not lead to the expulsion of thousands of Vietnamese who live in

Asian Games Draw Illegal Immigrants to Japan
Foreign workers took advantage of relaxed immigration controls during the 12th Asian Games in Hiroshima during the first two weeks of October to

Hong Kong Prepares to Face Post-1997
Some 400,000 of Hong Kong's six million residents are believed to have foreign passports, and thousands more could move to another country (such as

Singapore Reviews Need for Foreign Workers
The construction industry in Singapore has been allowed a ratio of five foreigners to every one local worker. The government has said that if

Illegals in Korea
South Korea's Justice Ministry announced that there were 50,600 illegal aliens in the country in September, 1994, including 42 percent who were

Thailand Cracks down on Illegal Aliens
There are an estimated 600,000 illegal aliens in Thailand, including 480,000 Burmese and 100,000 Chinese. Henceforth, illegal aliens who cannot pay


Immigration's Role in European Elections
The Freedom Party's Joerg Haider, who began an unsuccessful signature campaign to stop immigration until Austria's housing and employment problems

Identity Checks in France
Under instructions from Interior Minister Charles Pasqua, French police in August, 1994 increased identity checks of foreigners and foreign-looking

Greece and Albania
On September 7, five prominent members of a pro-Greek political movement were arrested, and the Greek government responded by expelling between

Americans on German Immigration Controls
The frustration over American failures to control illegal immigration, and the apparent effectiveness of German control efforts, prompted a series of

Canadian Immigration Minister Signs European Agreements
During a European trip in early October, Canadian Immigration Minister Sergio Marchi signed agreements to help ease immigration problems between the


Israel Replaces Palestinians with Guestworkers
The Israeli government on October 23, 1994 increased the number of foreign workers permitted to enter the country from 35,000 to 54,000. The foreign

South Africa Fights Illegal Immigration
One illegal immigrant enters South Africa every 10 minutes, according to the Home Affairs regional director. In order to stem the tide of illegal

Australia's Multicultural Policy Criticized
The state representative of a Sydney suburb that is 55 percent Asian was killed September 5, allegedly by Asian gang members. His murder opened a

Oman Imposes Income Tax on Foreign Workers
Oman is the first oil-rich country to levy an income tax on foreign workers in an effort to increase government revenues. Under new legislation,

Lebanese-Syrian Migration Agreement
Lebanon and Syria signed the first agreement on the flow of tens of thousands of Syrian workers into Lebanon. The Syrian workers are employed mainly

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