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December 1994, Volume 1, Number 11

The Americas

Prop. 187 Approved in California
California voters on November 8 voted 59 to 41 percent to approve Proposition 187, the "Save Our State'' Initiative. Proposition 187 is an initiative

Immigration and Welfare Reform
The combination of Prop. 187 in California and the return to power of Republicans in Congress has made immigration a national issue. Most observers

Operation Gatekeeper in San Diego
Operation Gatekeeper, initiated on October 1, 1994, has reduced the number of aliens apprehended by 20 percent, to 25,000 in its first month. The US

Cuban and Haitian Refugees
The Clinton Administration insisted in August, 1994 that the 30,000 Cubans and 20,000 Haitians who had left their countries in small boats and were

End of TPS for Salvadorans?
The Clinton Administration is considering allowing Temporary Protected Status to expire for the 187,000 El Salvadorans who left the country for the

Chinese Alien Smuggling to US
Alien smugglers have abandoned efforts to bring Chinese aliens illegally to the US in ships, but they have stepped up their efforts to get them to US


Foreign Workers in Japan
The Japanese Labor Ministry released a report on the legal half of the estimated 600,000 foreign workers in the country. In the year ending June 1,

Philippines Protests Malaysian Deportations
On October 23, Malaysian authorities rounded up 300 Filipino maids in a shopping mall, and determined that 62 were working illegally and should be

Education and Migration in Asia
There are fears throughout Asia that rapid economic growth is leaving them short of educated manpower--in Thailand, for example, there are

Foreign Workers in Taiwan
In mid-November, Taiwan approved major investment projects proposed by 11 firms, and announced that they would be allowed to employ up 1,276 foreign

Immigration Advice on Internet
The Canadian immigration office in Hong Kong attracted 650 immigration applications on one day after it was announced that the number of immigrants

Cambodian-Vietnamese Dispute
Vietnam and Cambodia held talks to resolve the issue of Vietnam interfering with ships headed up the Mekong River to Phnom Penh. The interference is


Immigration in Germany
At the end of 1993, there were 6.9 million foreigners in Germany, making foreigners 8.5 percent of the population. Almost all--97 percent--lived in

Few Bosnian Refugees Given Asylum
Bosnian families fleeing the civil war in their own country have in some cases been physically separated by European governments intent on limiting

Russia "Threatened" by Immigration
A Russian politician expressed fears that Chinese immigration into Russia's Far East posed a threat. According to one report, there are two million

Moslem Girls Suspended in France
At least 31 girls have been suspended from four French schools for wearing headscarves to public schools. Education Minister Bayrou announced at the


Citizenship and Islam in Australia
Using the slogan--Australian Citizenship - Welcome to Our Family-- Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating on November 4 launched a campaign to

Israeli Guestworkers
Israel on November 1 lifted its 11-day closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and began issuing work permits to Palestinian workers who had jobs in

Saudi Crackdown on Illegal Foreign Workers
Saudi police detained thousands of foreign workers in a crackdown on illegal expatriates. The Saudi authorities are reportedly worried about the

Controlling Illegal Immigration: A Global Perspective
Cornelius, Wayne, Philip Martin, and James Hollifield (Eds). 1995. Controlling Illegal Immigration: A Global Perspective. Available from Stanford