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January 1995, Volume 2, Number 1

The Americas

Salvadorans TPS to Expire
On December 2, it was announced that Temporary Protected Status or TPS for El Salvadorans will be allowed to lapse on December 31, 1994. Over 500,000

US Changes Asylum Regulations
In an effort to re-establish the proper balance "between compassion and control," INS Commissioner Doris Meissner on December 2 announced that asylum

Prop. 187--Enforcement Stayed
Citing serious constitutional questions, a federal judge in Los Angeles on December 14 barred the enforcement of Prop. 187's requirement that public

Illegal Immigrants and Devaluation in Mexico
In the aftermath of Mexican criticism of Operation Gatekeeper and Prop. 187, there have been several reports of harsh Mexican policies toward illegal

Another Bracero Program Considered
On December 13, the Inter-American Institute on Migration and Labor organized a meeting of 25 farm worker advocates in Washington DC to discuss the

Gatekeeper Reduces Apprehensions
On October 1, 1994, the INS launched Operation Gatekeeper, an experiment to flood the westernmost section of the US-Mexican border with three lines

Immigration at the Summit of the Americas
President Clinton told the 34 leaders of Western Hemisphere countries that he would like to see a free trade zone from Alaska to Argentina by 2005,

Cubans Riot in Panama
On December 8, about 1,000 of the 8,500 Cubans being held in Panama rioted to protest what they argued was the slow pace at which their cases were

Florida Lawsuit Thrown Out
Florida was the first state to sue the federal government for reimbursement of the costs of providing education, health, and justice services to

Immigration in the 104th Congress
Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY), who lost by one vote his bid to be his party's number two person in the US Senate, announced that he would oppose

H-1B Final Rules
The US Department of Labor issued final regulations governing the employment of temporary skilled foreigners in the US. There were 110,000 H-1B

Changes to Au Pair Regulations
The US Information Agency, which administers a program through which about 40,000 European au pair domestic helpers have been brought to the US since

Foreign Baseball Players Cannot Replace Strikers
The US Labor Department has certified the major league baseball players' strike, as requested by the Major League Players Association. The US


Managing Migration in Japan
The 15th Nihon University International Symposium brought together 70 researchers and policy makers from December 5-7, 1994 to discuss the problems

Foreigners in Japan
A private panel on December 26 recommended to the Justice Ministry that Japan increase the number of foreign workers with specialized skills, and

Planters--Open Malaysia to Foreign Workers
A leading planter on December 6 argued that Malaysia should allow a free flow of workers among the six ASEAN countries to resolve labor shortages and

Singapore Levies on Foreign Workers
Singapore announced in early December that it would reduce its dependence on unskilled foreign workers by raising monthly levies for some categories

Export and Import of Workers in Thailand
Dr. Amara Pongsapich of Chulalongkorn University has called for a Thai immigration policy that recognizes reality: Thailand both imports and export

Chinese Migrants
According to some estimates, one-third of China's peasants are idle most of the year, urban unemployment is between 16 to 20 percent, rural

200,000 Foreign Workers Needed in S. Korea
Thousands of ethnic Chinese Koreans who speak Korean have moved from nearby Jilin province into Korea. There are an estimated 31,000 Chinese citizens

Migrants Return to Vietnam
The US trade embargo on Vietnam was lifted in February, 1994, and as many as 10,000 Vietnamese each month are returning for visits to the country

Striking Filipinos Deported from Taiwan
Taiwan deported 14 Filipino workers on December 27 for leading a strike at the Far Eastern Textile factory in Chungli, which was a violation of their

Laotian Work Permits for Foreigners
Beginning November 1, 1994, the Laotian Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will issue one-year work permits to foreigners. The Lao People's


Immigration and Population Change in Germany
On December 15, 1994, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies sponsored a conference in Washington,

Asylum Seekers in Germany
In November, 12,056 aliens requested asylum in Germany, bringing the total for the first 11 months of 1994 to 114,024. Almost one-fourth of the

EU Immigration Priorities
On December 22, 1994, nine EU nations agreed in Berlin to implement the border-free Schengen agreement on March 26, 1995. The Schengen Agreement, was

IOM Reports on Trafficking, Transit Migration
The IOM reports that aliens are paying $300 to $30,000 each to be smuggled into their country of choice. They have created a migrant smuggling

Switzerland to Detain Aliens
Swiss voters on December 4 voted 73 to 27 percent to empower Swiss authorities to imprison unwanted migrants for up to a year. All 26 cantons

Austria's Haider Demands Action on Illegals
Jorg Haider, whose Freedom Party received 23 percent of the vote in October 9, 1994 elections, announced plans to launch a Perot-style Citizens

Belgium Fines for Transporting Aliens
The Belgian government approved on November 24, 1994 a law that permits the government to fine transport companies 150,000 Belgian francs for each

Russian Migration, Chechen Refugees
The Federal Migration Service reports that 124,000 people left Russia in 1993, and another 55,000 in the first half of 1994. Of those, 95 percent go

Britain Asylum Applicants
Britain is currently rejecting about 75 percent of all asylum applicants, reportedly as a result of the Asylum and Immigration Appeals Act, which

Polish and Hungarian Immigration
The Polish Labor Ministry announced that beginning in 1995, foreigners are liable for fines of up to $2,000 if they are caught working without valid

Foreigners in Spain
An illegal alien from Morocco was almost lynched after allegedly shooting two taxi drivers in Madrid in November. There are about 450,000 registered

Immigration to the Netherlands
The Netherlands is expecting 104,000 immigrants in 1994, 15,000 fewer than in 1993. About 79,000 persons are expected to emigrate in 1994, due in

Cubans seek asylum in Sweden
Sweden imposed a visa requirement on Cubans effective January 1, 1995, generating a reported "flood" of Cuban asylum seekers in December, 15 to 20


Illegal Immigration into South Africa
There are an estimated two million illegal aliens among South Africa's 40 million population, giving the country one of the highest percentages of

Asylum Applications in Australia
Australia is bracing for an influx of asylum seekers, including 20,000 from southern China reportedly readying their exodus. Many of these asylum

Wage Cuts in UAE
In September 1994, the UAE announced that only foreign workers whose jobs provide more than $1,362 per month or $1,089 per month plus accommodation

The Key to Europe
Widgren, Jonas. 1994. The Key to Europe-a comparative analysis of entry and asylum policies in Western Countries. Available from ICMPD, Mollwaldplatz

NEH Immigration Seminar
Roger Waldinger will direct a summer 1995 seminar for college teachers at UCLA on "Contemporary Immigration to the United States." This seminar will