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February 1995, Volume 2, Number 2

The Americas

Devaluation and Mexico to US Migration
Avoiding increased Mexico-to-US unauthorized migration due to recession in Mexico and a wider US-Mexican wage gap was a pillar argument in favor of

President Clinton Endorses Registry
President Clinton, in his State of the Union address on January 24, 1995, emphasized the need to step up efforts to reduce illegal immigration.

Immigration in the 104th Congress
Immigration is not in the "contract with America" to which House Republicans have promised to devote the first 100 days of Congress, but Rep. Lamar

Haitians in Guantanamo Returned
On December 29, 1994, the US informed the 4,400 Haitians at Guantanamo that they would have to return to Haiti, and that those agreeing to return by

Farm Labor Shortages and Guest Workers
Farmworkers, maids, and janitors are the only three US occupations with one million or more workers in which most workers are immigrants, and many

Minimum Wages, Jobs, and Immigration
President Clinton, in his January 24th State of the Union address, called for a hike in the minimum wage which is currently $4.25 per hour. The US

Illegal Overstayers and Criminal Aliens
More than half of the estimated four million illegal aliens believed to be in the US in October 1994 arrived legally as visitors or students and then

Prop 187 Aftermath
The Wilson Administration continues to draft regulations to implement Prop. 187. On January 27, the Wilson Administration sued to have the

DOL Issues H-1B Final Rules
The final regulations spelling our what US employers wishing to hire foreign H1-B workers went into effect January 20, 1995. The US Department of

English-Only Legislation
There are estimated to be 150 languages spoken in the US; 32 million people reported that they spoke a language other than English in the 1990 Census


Chinese Migration
China is hoping to expand its labor exports to find jobs for its estimated 120 to 125 million unemployed rural workers. Beginning in the 1950s as

Malaysian Foreign Workers
Malaysia is a fast growing country of 20 million people that both exports and imports labor. It has one of the highest immigrant worker shares in the

Thai Concern About Influx of Foreign Workers
The president of the National Congress of Private Employees in Thailand reports that the government cannot control the influx of illegal foreign

Hong Kong Emigrants Return from Canada
Over the past two years there has been a noticeable increase in the number of Hong Kong citizens returning to Hong Kong after emigrating to Canada.

South Korea Sets Up Court for Foreign Workers
In March 1995, South Korea will create a court to deal exclusively with the problems of foreign workers, such as wage issues and severance pay. One

Taiwan Steps Up Anti-Smuggling Efforts
Taiwan announced plans to begin checking the passports of arriving foreign workers more carefully to detect forged passports and work visas as part


Integration of Muslims in France
France, Europe's major country of immigration, has long followed a policy of encouraging conformity to French values in public. This has provoked a

German Citizenship Changes Proposed
Germany's Justice Minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, has called for a reform of the country's 1913 citizenship law that makes citizenship

UK Judge Rules Asylum Detention Illegal
Home Secretary Michael Howard is seeking to have overturned a ruling that asylum seekers cannot be deported from the UK before their claims are

EU Combats Xenophobia
The advisory committee on racism and xenophobia established by the European Council in Corfu recommended in an interim report that European schools

Dutch Amnesty
On January 31, 1995, the Dutch Senate was expected to decide whether to adopt a controversial amendment taht would prevent persons from applying for

Alien Smuggling in Europe
Migrant trafficking is believed to be a billion dollar business in Western Europe, as smugglers who once smuggled drugs now sneak an estimated

Tamil Asylum Seekers in Europe
Dutch police reported that they broke up a syndicate that smuggled Tamils from Sri Lanka into the Netherlands via Russia at a charge of $5,000 each.


Boat People to Australia
Australia is expecting an influx of as many as 5,000 boat people, according to a worst-case scenario by the Department of Immigration. Australia's

Migrants to South Africa
Africans--from Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe--are migrating to South Africa. The African National Congress-dominated coalition government,

Fiji Opens Door to Chinese Business Migrants
After the 1987 coup in Fiji, more than 24,000 Indian Fijians left the country fearing persecution. The Fijian government is now inviting Chinese