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March 1995, Volume 2, Number 3

The Americas

Clinton's Budget Targets Illegal Immigration
President Clinton's proposed federal budget for 1996, released February 6, 1995, includes a $1 billion increase in immigration-related spending,

Budget Bolsters Interior Enforcement
Clinton's FY 96 budget requests $93 million, a 29 percent increase, in additional funds for interior enforcement. Under a proposal to target

Calls for Guest Workers Mount
On February 6, 1995, California Attorney General Dan Lungren called for a guest worker (companero) program that would permit Mexican workers to be

Evaluating Stepped-Up Border Controls
The General Accounting Office (GAO) reported in January 1995 that INS efforts to deter the entry of illegal aliens at the border rather than

Legal Immigration and Naturalization in 1994
Legal immigration fell about 10 percent in FY 94, to 800,000 from 880,000 (excluding aliens legalized under IRCA). There were 24,000 fewer

Peso Devaluation, US and Mexican Jobs, and Migration
The Mexican peso fell from $1=5.4 pesos on February 1 to $1=6 pesos on February 28. Many businesses in Mexico came to a near standstill because of

Welfare, Taxes, and Immigrants
The General Accounting Office on February 2, 1995 released a report that concluded that immigrants are twice as likely as US citizens received

Wilson Says Let State Courts Rule on 187
California state attorneys on February 3, 1995 asked Federal Judge Pfaelzer to dismiss the challenge to the constitutionality of Prop. 187 or to stop

Cubans Returned
The 28,000 Cubans who left their island nation during the summer of 1994 and remain in US custody are now housed in tent cities at the US base in


Vietnamese Refugees To Be Repatriated
Vietnam agreed during a February 23, 1995 meeting of 31 nations in Kuala Lumpur to permit the repatriation of up to 3,600 Vietnamese boat people each

Foreign Worker Rights in South Korea
After a protest by Nepalese workers in Seoul last month, the South Korean government announced reforms to protect the rights of foreign workers. The

Hong Kong Fears Mass Immigration after 1997
Hong Kong officials worry that there will be a flood of Chinese immigrants after the colony reverts to Chinese rule after 1997. Although Hong Kong

Chinese Unemployment and Migration
China has a labor force of about 600 million, with 440 million peasants, 109 million in the state sector, 36 million in the collective sector, and 15

Earthquake forces Japan to deal with Illegals
The January 17, 1995 Kobe earthquake that killed 5,300 people and left 300,000 homeless also prompted more than 350 illegal aliens to seek exit visas

Malaysia Tackles Illegal Immigration Again
Malaysia announced in February 1995 plans to impose sanctions of up to RM50,000 ($20,000) on employers for each illegal alien hired under a proposed


British Uproar over Abolition of EU Border Controls
On March 26, 1995, the seven signatories of the Schengen Agreement (Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemboug, Spain and Portugal) will

Dual Citizenship Initiative Fails in Germany
The Green party in Germany's Bundestag introduced a bill to permit dual citizenship, but they were unable to secure sufficient support to have it

France Fears Algerian Migration, Sees Increase in Deportations
On February 21, 1995, supporters of the National Front, while posting campaign signs, killed in unclear circumstances a 17-year old son of an African

Immigration in Austria
Freedom Party (FPO) leader Joerg Haider announced plans for a "Citizens 98" movement to break the postwar grip of Austria's two mainstream parties.

No Mass Migration From Russia
When the USSR broke up, about 75 million citizens of ex-USSR nations lived outside their republic of birth. Some Russian leaders used the threat of

Estonia Passes New Citizenship Law
The Estonian government approved a new law to make the citizenship exam harder to pass for the country's 500,000 "Russian-language" inhabitants.


Migrants Expelled from Gabon
Gabon, a West African country of 1.1 million with a 1992 per capita income of $4,450, in September 1994 enacted laws that required foreigners to pay

Israel Zigzags on Palestinian Workers
Israel on February 5, 1995 rejected, but on February 16 accepted, PLO demands that Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza be permitted to work in

South Africans Claim Illegal Immigrants Steal Jobs
Black South Africans have recently begun to march to protest that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs--they reportedly will work for $15 per week or

Gulf States Face Unemployment Problems
A Kuwaiti economist warned in February 1995 that there will be social unrest in the Gulf states unless more jobs are created for local youth and

Australia to Deport Chinese Refugees
The Chinese and Australian governments signed an agreement early in February under which the Australian government will pay for the return of asylum

Benefits and Costs of Immigrants
The Rand Corporation held a one-day workshop on January 26, 1995 to review studies of the taxes paid and the costs of benefits provided to

Characteristics of US Farm Workers
Gabbard, Susan, Richard Mines, and Beatiz Boccalandro. 1994. Migrant Farmworkers: Pursuing Security in an Unstable Labor Market. Washington DC: US

DBSB RFPs Invited
The Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch (DBSB), Center for Population Research, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development