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April 1995, Volume 2, Number 4

The Americas

Illegal Immigration and the Peso Devaluation
Experts predicted in 1994 that Operation Gatekeeper would reduce illegal immigration from Mexico. But then came the 50 percent devaluation of the

INS: Naturalization, Greencards and Family Unity
The number of immigrants electing to become naturalized US citizens jumped 75 percent in the first four months of 1995. In FY94, some 558,139

Congressional Immigration Reform
Congress continued to hold hearings throughout March on proposals to reduce illegal immigration and reform the system for admitting legal immigrants.

US and California Population Growth
The US population was estimated to be 260 million on July 1, 1994, up from 249 million in 1990. There are about four million births annually, and two

Illegal Alien Numbers Revised
As Congress debates what to do to reduce illegal immigration, there were several reviews of the level of illegal immigration, and the efforts of INS

CIR Considers Immigration's Impacts on US Labor Markets
At a CIR hearing February 23, a Department of Labor representative urged the CIR to reduce employment-based immigration in order to balance

State Activities to Deter Illegal Immigration
Prop. 187 in California may have marked a new era in state and local government activism to reduce illegal immigration. Virginia is estimating the

California Farm Workers
On March 31, the United Farm Workers Union held events around the nation to honor the anniversary of the death of UFW founder Cesar Chavez.


Philippines to Restrict Overseas Workers
The Philippines has instituted rules to limit the numbers of workers overseas because of mistreatment of Filipino workers abroad. The Philippines is

Korean Guest Workers
The Korean government has launched a program to 'internationalize' Korea's insular and homogeneous society. However, its attempts to use foreign

US Taiwanese Return to Homeland
A profile of Asian professionals in the US who are returning to Taiwan, Korea, India, and other Asian countries of citizenship suggests that a

Vietnamese Linger in Camps
More than 800,000 Vietnamese have been housed at least temporarily in camps in southeast Asian camps since 1975, and 46,000 remain there. Half are in


German Immigration and Integration Challenges
The US and Germany are among the world's major countries of immigration. The US takes in more immigrants than any other country, and Germany is the

Muslim Immigrants in France
There are three to five million Muslims in France, including one million who are French citizens. There have been Muslims in France since the

Britain Considers Tightening Asylum Rules, Employer Sanctions
The British Parliament will be considering new laws to toughen controls on asylum seekers and visa overstayers. Proponents of the legislation argue

Schengen Free Movement Begins
On March 26, 1995, the seven Schengen countries of Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the three Benelux countries abolished border controls between

Greece and Albania Agree on Seasonal Workers
Relations between Greece and Albania soured again at the end of March after a report that Greek border guards shot and killed an Albanian man who had

Turkey and Germany Struggle with Racial Tensions
In Turkey, there are fears that fundamentalist-government tension, plus an internal struggle over Kurdish separatism, could lead to mass emigration.


Migration at the Social Summit
The 20,000 delegates from 120 nations gathered in Copenhagen spent $30 to $60 million to discuss ways to reduce the poverty that afflicts 1.3 billion

Venezuela Rounds Up Colombian Illegal Immigrants
Venezuelan soldiers rounded up abut 1,000 illegal Colombian immigrants in a border area, burned their homes and crops, and deported them to Colombia.

Australian Migration Bill
The Migration Legislation Amendment Bill (no 2) 1995, if approved, will prevent Chinese boat people from applying for refugee status on the grounds

Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster
Brimelow, Peter. 1995. Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster. New York, Random House. This book makes a cultural case