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May 1995, Volume 2, Number 5

The Americas

Illegal Immigration Pressures
Illegal immigration appears to be increasing, as indicated by surveys in Mexico of persons intending to emigrate, apprehension data, and reports from

Mexican Economic Prospects
On February 21, 1995, the US and Mexico reached agreement on a $52 billion multilateral rescue package. On March 30, several Senate Republicans

Naturalization Crunch
The INS has been criticized for focusing on illegal immigration rather than preparing for a wave of naturalization applications. About

Labor Market Adjustments to Less Immigration
Traditionally, the Black unemployment rate has been twice the white rate, and the Hispanic unemployment rate 1.5 times the white rate. However, in

Anti-terrorist Legislation
The Oklahoma City bombing led to a spate of counterterrorist immigration proposals. Although initial reports that Middle Eastern terrorists were

Welfare Reform, SSI, and the American Poor
The House appropriated $1 billion more for the INS in 1996, as requested by Clinton, but said that the additional funds should deter at least 300,000

California Farm Workers
Farm workers are one of only three US occupations with one million or more workers in which the majority of workers are immigrants--the other two are

Prop 187 and California's Economy
On April 15, a federal judge in Oakland refused California Governor Wilson's request to have arguments over the constitutionality of Prop 187

Early Intervention to Prevent Mass Emigration
Some speculate that early intervention in emigration nations could prevent crises that later produce illegal immigration. Between the September 19,

Immigration History
Immigration is a major public policy issue at the end of the 20th century, as it was at the beginning. What do the lessons of history teach about the


Philippines to Protect Migrants
After Singapore hanged a maid convicted of murdering a child and another maid on March 17, the Philippine government came under strong domestic

South Korea Increases Industrial Trainees
There are currently about between 35,000 and 80,000 legal foreign workers, and another 50,000 illegal workers in South Korea. About 23,000 work as

Chinese Fear Weak Economy Will Lead to Migration
Growing inequality within China is causing worries that more of China's 450 million peasants, and 900 million urban residents, might migrate to the

Hong Kong: Domestic Workers to Vote, Fraudulent Passports
Over 30,000 overseas domestic workers are expected to vote in September's election in Hong Kong. The vote is expected to raise the issues of violence

Vietnamese Protest Return
Southeast Asian governments have set an end of 1995 deadline to return all Vietnamese living in camps inside their countries to Vietnam. The UNHCR is

Foreign Workers in Taiwan
Taiwanese employers have been urged to treat their foreign workers better. Most of the 210,000 foreign workers currently in the country are from

Indonesian Workers Complain of Extortion< a>
The Indonesian government will crack down on the illegal smuggling of workers out of the country, and has threatened employment agencies involved in


Anti-immigrant Platform Helps French Right
Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, received about 4.6 million votes in the first round of French Presidential elections on April

Germany Returns Vietnamese, Discusses Legalization
Germany agreed to provide DM 100 million annually to repatriate 40,000 illegal and rejected Vietnamese asylum seekers--including 10,000 former guest

Britain-No More Welfare For Asylees
Home Secretary Michael Howard wants to cut welfare payments to 50,000 immigrants who have whose applications for political asylum were initially

Austria Joins Schengen
Austria on April 28 joined seven other EU member nations in border-free Europe. However, Austria's accession to the EU has not yet been approved by

Czech Immigration
The Czech Republic is attracting illegal workers following the clampdown by the European Union countries, according to the president of a Czech labor


Australia Reduces Immigration
Australia received fewer immigrants in 1993-94--69,800--than planned, and almost 15 percent fewer than the 81,000 anticipated. Almost 30 percent of

South Africa May Limit Foreign Job Seekers
The South African government approved legislation to limit the number of foreign job seekers. The controls must now be approved by the Parliament.

Egypt Complains of Migrant Treatment
A report entitled "Egyptians in the Gulf: Captives of the Sponsorship System" blasted the Gulf states for requiring migrant workers to have a local