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July 1995, Volume 2, Number 7

The Americas

Congress Moves on Immigration Reform
In June 1995, the House and Senate took actions that are likely to reduce legal immigration and increase efforts to reduce illegal immigration. If

CIR Recommends Less Immigration
The nine-member US Commission on Immigration Reform, headed by Barbara Jordan, recommended at a June 7 press conference that legal immigration be

Pros and Cons of Guest Workers
Economist Julian Simon, who has long advocated immigration as an economic panacea, joined politicians such as Governor Wilson (R-CA) in arguing that

Gatekeeper Enters Phase 2
On June 23, the INS announced Phase Two of its effort to reduce illegal immigration over the US border south of San Diego. According to the INS,

Prop 187 Trial Scheduled
A trial of the constitutionality of Proposition 187 is scheduled to begin on September 5, 1995 in federal court in Los Angeles. In May, California

Detained Aliens Riot
In New Jersey, some of the 300 illegal aliens detained in a facility operated for the INS by a private company, Esmor, attempted to take several

Births and Naturalizations
Ron Prince, a leader of the Proposition 187 campaign, is a backer of what is being called Save Our State II -- an effort to amend the US Constitution

Mexican President Predicts Economic Growth
President Zedillo, in his first major economic speech since the December 1994 peso crisis, predicted that after Mexico pulls out of its current


Vietnamese Riot in Asia
Some of the 40,000 Vietnamese boat people who are still in camps in Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are rioting to protest plans to

Philippines Approves New Migrant Worker Act
On June 7, Philippines President Fidel Ramos signed into law the Migrant Workers and Overseas Act. The new law calls for stricter monitoring of the

Countries Lure Hong Kong Migrants
Singapore and Taiwan are trying to lure Hong Kong residents who want to leave the territory prior to 1997. Singapore is running a

Hong Kong Debates Migrant Workers
A labor summit on June 6 in Hong Kong with government officials, employers, labor leaders and legislators was unable to agree upon the issue of labor

Japanese Migrants
There are an estimated 300,000 illegal migrant workers in Japan, prompting a study of how to provide them with health care. A panel convened by the

Chinese Migrants
There are estimated to be 80 to 100 million migrant workers within China, and the disruptions associated with migration are showing up in broken

Malaysia Considers Fewer Migrants
Malaysia's Human Resources Ministry in June outlined strategies to increase the supply of local workers and to reduce dependence on foreign workers.


France: Immigration and Local Elections
The National Front, a party that seeks to stop immigration to France, won control of three large French cities in municipal voting on June 18,

Employment and Asylum in Germany
Unemployment in Germany fell below 3.5 million or to nine percent in May 1995, although the rate in the former East Germany remained above 13

UK Detention Camps; Marriage Rules
The UK is considering following the lead of the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Spain and detaining applicants for asylum in obsolete military

Russians Top Europe's Migrants
A new report by the UN's Economic Commission for Europe found that Russians top the list of recently displaced persons and migrants. The report says

Alien Smuggling
Smugglers are increasingly abandoning Africans and Asians who have paid $1,000 or more to be smuggled to Western Europe in Eastern Europe. In several

Turkey: Haven for Immigrants?
Turkey is attracting immigrants from the Middle East, North Africa, the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.


Egyptian Guest Workers in the Gulf
Egyptians replaced many of the 400,000 Palestinians in Kuwait after the 1990-91 Gulf war, and many are complaining about their treatment in Kuwait.

Australia Raises Immigrant Quota
Australia announced an increase of 6,500 for FY 95-96 in the family and skills categories. They is also an increase of 500 for business migrants and

Child Labor in India
There are believed to be 55 million child laborers in India today, and a projected 70 million in the year 2000. The ILO estimates that there are 200