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August 1995, Volume 2, Number 8

The Americas

August 31 Workshop on German-US Immigration
Immigration Issues in Germany and the US: Challenges and Options Thursday August 31, 1995 Room 223 Moses Hall,

House Subcommittee Approves Immigration Reform
On July 20, the House Judiciary's Immigration and Claims Subcommittee approved by voice vote the Immigration in the National Interest Act of 1995, HR

New Asylum Rules
The INS on January 4, 1995 implemented new regulations to reduce "abuse" of the asylum system. On July 5, 1995, the INS reported that these new

Hearing on Prop. 187
During a July 26, 1995 hearing, opponents of Prop. 187 told a federal judge in Los Angeles that the measure was unconstitutional, and that she should

Policing the LA Garment Industry
In June, Los Angeles area garment manufacturers signed an agreement with the US Labor Department to begin policing labor practices. Under the

Reaction to CIR Proposals
Strange bedfellows attacked the Commission on Immigration Reform's proposals to reduce and restructure legal immigration. The Wall Street Journal on

INS to Open Shelter for Undocumented Children
The INS in August will begin to house unaccompanied and minor illegal aliens in Tucson, Arizona, and later in El Paso, Texas. In Tucson, refugee

Agricultural Guest Workers
Despite strong statements against agricultural guest workers in June 1995 by both President Clinton and the Jordan Commission on Immigration Reform,

Economics, Education, and Immigration
Economist George Borjas estimated that the net benefits of current immigration are about $7 billion annually, or equivalent to half of Microsoft CEO

Mexico Stabilizes and Reforms
The Mexican stock market is up 50 percent since its February 27, 1995 low of 1448, but there are fears that political scandals and violence will slow


Philippines Tries to Protect Overseas Workers
The Philippine government is fighting the exploitation of its overseas workers on several fronts. On July 16, the Migrant Worker and Overseas

Taiwan: Foreign Workers to Get Equal Pay
Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs announced that, after the country joins the World Trade Organization, foreign workers will be put on the same

Malaysia Loses Foreign Workers Remittances
The Malaysian government says it is losing about US $960 million dollars a year in foreign exchange because of remittances by foreign workers. The

Surplus of Chinese Farmers
The Chinese vice premier says that China will face major social and political problems if it does not find work for the nearly 200 million farmers

Hong Kong Unemployment
High rent and labor costs are driving many unskilled jobs to China. Hong Kong officials, accustomed to full employment, were shocked when

Singapore: Foreign Workers and Pensions
The Singapore government announced that, after August 1, white-collar foreign workers and their employers could no longer contribute to the country's

Illegal Workers in Korea
There were 78,852 foreign workers in Korea in April 1995, including 54,300 illegal workers who arrived with tourist visas and failed to depart,


EU Border Controls
The Schengen agreement, designed to abolish border controls between the seven signatories, went into effect on March 26, 1995, and passport controls

Regulating the German Labor Market
Germany probably spends more to prevent the employment of illegal foreign workers than any other country; about five times more per worker than the

British Crackdown on Immigrant Benefits
Claiming that nearly L100 million a year is lost in immigrant benefit fraud, the British Home Secretary announced a crackdown to spot suspected

France Deports Illegal Immigrants
The French interior ministry announced that it plans to double the number of illegal aliens deported from 10,000 to 20,000 per year. About 45,000

Spainish Illegal Immigration
Spain, which is only 10 miles from North Africa at the Strait of Gibraltar, seems to worry less about immigration from North Africa than France and

Alien Smuggling
In early July, 18 Sri Lankans were found dead in a locked shipping container about 20 miles east of the Austrian border, where they had been left by


Illegal Immigration to South Africa
South Africa is a nation bordered by impoverished neighbors. The per capita income in South Africa is $2,560 compared to Mozambique's $80 and $650 in

Riots in Bahrain
Bahrain is a small island off the coast of Saudi Arabia with 350,000 native-born and 250,000 foreign residents. Over the past three months, the

DOL Releases Immigrant Data
DOL's ILAB has released a report that tabulates employment data on foreign-and native-born adults in the US in March 1994. There were 22 million

OECD Releases Migration Trends Report
The OECD in June 1995 released Trends in International Migration: 1994 Annual Report, which found that immigration flows into OECD nations stabilized