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September 1995, Volume 2, Number 9

The Americas

US Foreign-Born Up, Immigration Down
The number of foreign-born residents in the US reached a 50-year high of 8.7 percent in 1994, while the number of immigrants admitted to the US fell

Regulating the Immigrant Labor Market
A federal-state task force raided a garment factory in Los Angeles and found 70 Thai immigrants living and working in a fenced seven-unit apartment

Politics and Immigration
Since immigration affects everything from national sovereignty to concepts of community and membership, and granting permission to immigrate is a

INS: Apprehensions and Naturalizations Up
Apprehensions at the US-Mexican border were up 26 percent to 1 million in the first 10 months of FY95--there were 815,000 apprehensions in the same

TPS Extended for Salvadorans
In January 1995, the INS announced that the 200,000 Salvadorans living in the US with a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would have to obtain another

Integrating Immigrants
The debates over affirmative action and immigration are slowly being merged in US politics, especially in local disputes. In New York,

Mexico: Recovery and Dual Citizenship
The International Monetary Fund in August issued a report that blamed Mexicans, not foreigners, for selling pesos and causing the pesos to lose half

Reaction to Immigration Proposals
Both the Commission on Immigration Reform and Rep. Lamar Smith's (R-TX) Immigration in the National Interest Act (HR 2202) would eliminate several

Immigrants and Welfare
In Los Angeles County, almost two-thirds of persons who receive SSI and Medicaid are legal immigrants. Some say that immigrant elderly are dependent

Immigration to Canada
Canada is attempting to both reduce the number of immigrants, 200,000 in 1995, and the percentage who arrive because their families sponsor them, 51

Official English
Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole on September 4 announced that he would support proposals to make English the official language of the US.


Foreign Residents in Japan
A Justice Ministry report released on August 17 reported a record 1.35 million foreign residents registered in Japan in December 1994, up 2.5 percent

Malaysia: Detentions and Foreign Workers
A Malaysian non-governmental organization found after a year-long study that illegal immigrants detained in the country often live in deplorable

Thailand Debates Foreign Workers
A committee of public and private businesses called on the Thai government to ease restrictions on foreign workers to help solve the labor shortage.


Returning Yugoslavs
With the hoped-far end to fighting in the ex-Yugoslavia in August 1995, many Europeans are anxious to have the 750,000 Serbs, Bosnians, and Croatians

Austrian Immigration
Austria is a country of eight million that includes 10 percent or about 800,000 foreigners. Austria has evolved from a country through

Germany: Asylum, Illegals, and Ethnics
Newly-released German data indicate that, in 1994, about seven percent of the 350,000 asylum applications resulted in the applicant being recognized

Alien Smuggling
The so-called Budapest Group, or the European Conference on Uncontrolled Migration, began in 1993 to coordinate the efforts of 36 governments to

France Increases Border Checks, Deportations
After bombings on July 25 and August 17, France introduced border checks on persons arriving and departing, and has stepped up its efforts to deport

Illegal Alien Apprehensions Rise in Britain
The number of illegal aliens apprehended in the UK has doubled since 1989 to 13,000 in 1994. About one third of the 66,000 persons stopped entering

Russia Sets Quotas for Kyrgyzstan Immigration
Russia and Kyrgyzstan signed an agreement on July 18 to regulate emigration, especially the emigration of Russian-speakers. The two countries say

Foreign Workers in Poland
Polish employment officials estimate that there are about 100,000 foreigners working illegally in the country, although the State Labour Inspectorate


Libya Expels Foreign Workers
Within a 48-hour period, 2,500 Egyptians and 600 Palestinians were expelled from Libya. The Egyptian government was assured by Libya that the

South Africa Attracts Migrants
Despite unemployment rates that range from 32 to 50 percent, illegal foreigners, especially from Mozambique, continue to pour into South Africa. In

World Bank Deals with Labor
For the first time, the World Bank's World Development Report 1995 dealt with "Labor in an Integrating World". Chapter 10 deals with

Threatened People, Threatened Borders
Teitelbaum, Michael and Myron Wiener (Eds). 1995. Threatened People, Threatened Borders: World Migration and US Policy. New York: Norton.

CIIP Workshop
On August 31, 1995 the Comparative Immigration and Integration Program of the UC Center for German and European Studies held a workshop on