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October 1995, Volume 2, Number 10

The Americas

Presidential Contenders Discuss Immigration
President Clinton came to California on Labor Day, September 4, to defend immigrant rights and affirmative action. Clinton said that "we should never

Congress Moves on Immigration Reform
The Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration held a hearing September 13 on legal immigration reform, and another on September 28 on

Immigration Reform and Guest Workers
On September 28, the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration held a hearing on guest workers and other temporary workers at which multinationals and farm

Welfare Reform and Immigration
On September 19, the US Senate approved by a vote of 87 to 12 a welfare reform bill that would end welfare payments to poor persons after two years,

Immigration and Sweatshops
On September 12, the US Department of Labor held a "summit" with garment industry leaders and retailers in New York to discuss labor law violations

INS Evaluates Gatekeeper, SouthPAW
On October 1, 1994, the INS launched Operation Gatekeeper, a $46 million operation to halt illegal immigration on the five westernmost miles of the

NAFTA and Mexico
Despite the loss of one million jobs so far in 1995, unemployed Mexicans have not taken to the streets in protest. According to observers, social

New York Unions Organize, Los Angeles Unions Protest
The New York City Central Labor Council has committed $200,000 to train 100 organizers to recruit immigrant workers into unions. According to union

Immigration and Internal Migration
The percentage of US residents who change their residences every year has fallen from about 1 in 5 to 1 in 6. Americans are also staying closer to

Women and Asylum
On September 27, the House Judiciary Committee approved an amendment to the immigration bill that would create a new refugee category for women who

Job and Income Trends and Immigration
Job growth patterns resemble immigration patterns--the fastest growth is at the extremes of the distribution. One result is that income is more


Hong Kong Residents Want UK Passports
Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten on September 25 said that 3.3 million of Hong Kong's 6.2 million residents should have the right to immigrate to the

Korea Becomes the Land of Opportunity
During the 1980s, Korea was the third leading source of Asian immigrants to the US--only the Philippines (549,000) and China-including Taiwan

Taiwan Concerned About Guest Workers
The first guest workers arrived in Taiwan in 1990. By 1995, there were 315,919 foreign workers, and they comprise about three percent of the labor

Vietnamese Returnees Find Little Persecution
Stories about Vietnamese boat people who have been repatriated to Vietnam tell of returning to a changed Vietnam. Political freedom is nonexistent,

Another Filipino Maid Sentenced to Death
A United Arab Emirates court condemned a 16-year Filipina maid to death for stabbing her employer to death. The maid was originally sentenced to


Muslims In France
Since the first bomb exploded in Paris on July 25, French police have stopped an average of over 100,000 mostly Muslim-appearing residents each week

Europe Discusses Harmonization
On September 21, the European Parliament, based in Strasbourg, France, voted for a series of minimal safeguards for asylum seekers in member states.

Dutch Immigration and Asylum
The number of asylum seekers fell in nine major European countries in 1994. In Germany, asylum seekers fell by 60 percent, in Belgium by 46 percent,

Germany: Asylum Seekers and Foreign Workers
On September 22, Germany began to repatriate the 40,000 Vietnamese scheduled to leave the country by the year 2000. Persons involved in criminal


Libya Expels Guest Workers
Libya has expelled 1,500 Palestinian workers, reportedly in retaliation for the Palestine Liberation Organization making peace with Israel. There are

Ethiopia and Botswana Expel Illegal Immigrants
The Ethiopian government announced on September 14 that it had expelled 500 illegal immigrants. Many of the illegal immigrants in