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December 1995, Volume 2, Number 12

The Americas

House and Senate to Take on Immigration Bills
In November, the full House prepared to take up the Immigration in the National Interest bill, and in the Senate, Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY) on

Parts of Prop. 187 Unconstitutional
A federal judge in Los Angeles declared most sections of Prop. 187 unconstitutional in a 72-page ruling issued on November 20, 1995. According to the

INS: Employee Verification and Gatekeeper
On October 31, the INS announced a pilot program in California that will permit more than 200 small companies to verify the right to work of their

Quebec Rejects Separation
On October 30, 1995, Quebec voted 51 to 49 percent to remain part of Canada--a switch of 25,000 votes would have led to a vote for separation. Some

Mexican Economic Uncertainty
On October 29, the Mexican government announced a new pacto, the Alliance for Economic Recuperation, a government, employer, and union agreement to

Thai and Chinese Alien Smuggling to US
US officials in Bangkok estimate that 2,000 people each month--Thais, Chinese, and Indians and Pakistanis--are smuggled to the US via Bangkok. In

Skilled Foreign Workers in US
Debate has been increasing in the US about whether skilled foreign workers who are recruited to work in the US are displacing American workers. The

Cuban/Haitian Immigration
Between November 15 and 30, over 1,100 Haitians were stopped in boats en route to Florida. By comparison, only about 300 Haitians were picked up


Labor Exporters Plan for Emigration
Indonesia plans to increase the number of Indonesians working abroad from the current 1.2 million to two million by year 2000, when they are expected

Taiwan To Import More Foreign Workers
Despite concerns about the social impacts of foreign workers, the Taiwan government plans to allow 30,000 more foreign workers to fill manufacturing

Japan's Foreign Population
There were 1.4 million foreign residents of Japan at the end of 1994, the most ever recorded, and almost double the 800,000 in 1974. As in the past,

Malaysia Issues Guidelines on Foreign Workers
The Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers has completed its proposed law on the recruitment and protection of foreign workers and it has been

Singapore Passes Foreign Worker Bills
The Singapore Parliament approved on November 1, 1995 an Employment of Foreign Workers Act to deter the employment of illegal alien workers in

Thailand's Immigrant Workers
On October 31, the Thai Labour and Social Welfare secretary called for a clear policy on foreign workers. The ministry currently does not have the

Hong Kong Residency
Britain will accept Chinese demands to stop granting Hong Kong permanent residency to returning migrants after July 1, 1997. This is in major change

Chinese Migrants
Zhejiang Village, Beijing's clothing market, is dominated by migrants from other parts of China, leading the government to announce a


EU Immigration
At a November 27 and 28 development conference with the 15 members of the EU and 12 southern and eastern Mediterranean neighbors, Mediterranean

British Immigration Plan
After the November 15 Queen's Speech, Home Secretary Michael Howard announced a new crackdown on bogus asylum seekers and seven-year jail terms for

Italian Immigration Decree
Prime Minister Lamberto Dini issued an emergency decree on November 16 which would permit the expulsion from Italy of non-EU citizens who commit

Germany: Asylum, Construction, Voting, and Vietnamese
Asylum Seekers After July 1, 1993, asylum seekers who passed through safe third countries--all Germany's neighbors--en route

Swedish Guest Workers and Refugees
Sweden is a country of six million that evolved from a country that recruited guest workers (plus their families) and selected refugees for

Immigration: Top Priority in France
Riots in several French suburbs after police killed a Moroccan man November 1 fleeing their custody prompted Prime Minister Juppe to hold a summit

Asylum in Europe: Numbers and Costs
A new study by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development concludes that the cost of caring for refugees and asylum-seekers averaged

Swiss Referendum to Restrict Foreigners
A referendum, Article 69, which would restrict the number of foreigners allowed to live in Switzerland, gathered enough signatures to force a popular


Gulf States
Saudi Arabia's five-year plan for 1995-2000 aims to eliminate foreign workers in the public sector, including civil aviation, social security and

The 40,000 Chinese students in Australia following Tiananamen Square are using their business networks to help the country in breaking into the

Environmental Emigration from Mexico
Environmental changes such as land degradation are, according to one UN agency prediction, expected to displace over 135 million rural people from

UNHCR on Refugees
The UNHCR reported on November 15 that 50 million persons had been displaced from their homes. Some 14.4 million persons are considered refugees,

Immigration Materials
There are several immigration bulletin boards available on the World Wide Web. Some are edited--material is screened before it is posted--but most

Regulation of Local and Foreign NGOs
Edward A. Adiin Yaansah. An Analysis of Domestic Legislation to Regulate the Activities of Local and Foreign NGOs in Croatia, Kenya, Rwanda and

Race in Urban America
Ivan Light and Carolyn Rosenstein. Race, Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurship in Urban America. Aldine de Gruyter. Hawthorne, New York. 1995. 225 pages.