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January 1996, Volume 3, Number 1

The Americas

Agricultural Guest Workers
On December 7 and 14, the House Immigration Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims held hearings on agricultural guest workers. The

In early December, the INS tested a plan near Nogales, Arizona for processing and returning to Mexico, or detaining, a hypothetical mass of illegal

Congress Debates Jus Soli
On December 13, 1995, two Congressional subcommittees held a hearing on proposals to deny US citizenship to the children of illegal aliens born in

Prop. 187 Judges Urges Speedy Appeal
In November, 1995, a federal judge, in a 72-page OPINION (League of United Latin American Citizens v. Wilson, Case No. CV 94-7569 MRP--available on

Mexico Works on Dual Nationality
Mexico in 1996 is expected to approve a dual nationality amendment to the Mexican Constitution that would permit Mexican nationals who become

South Koreans in Argentina
South Korean immigrants are a prosperous community of about 35,000 in Argentina. South Koreans operate more about 1,000 businesses in Argentina, many

Welfare, Health, and Poverty
In 1993, the US government spent $300 billion on programs for poor residents through six major programs--Medicaid ($132 billion), food stamps and SSI


Professional and Skilled Migrants in Asia
Many commentators expect Asia's rapid economic growth to be threatened by too few professional and skilled workers. Instead of deriving comparative

Thailand: Immigration Controls Not Working
The Thai government has requested recommendations from the Thailand Development and Research Institute and the National Economic and Social

Vietnamese Refugee Resettlement
The US in December made another effort to return the 37,000 Vietnamese still languishing in camps in Asia to Vietnam, despite plans by one US

The Pacific Business Forum, 36 representatives from large and small to medium-sized business from each of APEC's 18-member countries, recommended

China: Foreigners Employment
China is developing legislation to regulate the employment of foreigners in the country. The current Law of the People's Republic of China on Entry

Malaysia: Foreigners and Politics
The government advised the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) to take their labor concerns to the government's National Labour Advisory Council

Japan Continues Fingerprints
On December 15, the Japanese Supreme Court upheld the law that requires foreigners living legally in Japan to be fingerprinted. The fingerprinting


Reducing Immigration in Italy and Britain
In November, 1995, Britain proposed and Italy adopted tough new measures against illegal immigrants and the employers who hire them. Britain's Asylum

Germany: Bosnians, Illegals, and Immigration
The Bosnia peace plan signed in mid-December in Paris has turned the spotlight on the 350,000 Bosnians living in Germany as "tolerated" (geduldet)

France: Not Yet on Schengen
On December 19 the French government announced another delay of several months in opening its borders under the Schengen accord. France continues to

EU: Free Trade with Turkey
On December 13, the European Parliament approved by a vote of 343-143 a free-trade union with Turkey that begins to reduce trade barriers on January

Latvia and Lithuania Deal with Immigration
According to the Latvian president, he plans to sign the Geneva Convention on the Rights of Refugees. The president is also prepared to sign

Immigration in Remote Russia
A report on National Public Radio explored how the North Korean government has been running about a dozen Siberian labor camps for the past 20 years.

Austria/Czech/Slovakia Immigration
Jorg Haider's Freedom Party won 22 percent of the vote in Austria's December 17, 1995 election, down from 23 percent in 1994. Haider, who opposes


Foreigners in the Middle East
Kuwait's Ministry of Planning reported in December that the country's population of 1.9 million included 700,000 Kuwaitis and 1.2 million foreigners.

A Tale of Ten Cities: Immigration's Effects on the Family Environment in American Cities
Bouvier, Leon and Scipio Garling. 1995. A Tale of Ten Cities: Immigration's Effects on the Family Environment in American Cities. Washington: