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February 1996, Volume 3, Number 2

The Americas

Clinton: Illegal Aliens = No Contracts
President Clinton pledged in his January 23, 1996 State of the Union speech to issue an Executive Order that might bar companies convicted of

INS: Apprehensions, Asylum and Deportation
Alien apprehensions doubled along the US-Mexican border in December 1995 versus year earlier levels. To prevent what some feared would be a massive

Immigrant Integration
The Commission on Immigration Reform believes that the United States should continue to be a country of immigration, but that the US must worry about

US Naturalizations Continue to Increase
Over one million foreigners applied to become naturalized US citizens in 1995, up from 543,353 in 1994, 522,298 in 1993, and 342,269 in 1992. The

Employers Criticize H-1B /a>Program
Employers continue to criticize the US Department of Labor for proposing changes in the H-1B program, which allows up to 65,000 "professionals" to

Alien Smuggling
The January 1996 Report of the Presidential Initiative to Deter Alien Smuggling recommended that all nations pass laws that make alien smuggling a

Foreign Students in US
In April 1993, about 10 percent of US residents holding Bachelor's degrees in science and engineering, and seven percent of non-science and

Mexican Maquiladoras
Mexico ran a trade surplus of $7.4 billion in 1995, versus a deficit of $18.5 billion in 1994. Exports were $80 billion, including $67 billion of

Filipino and Korean Integration in the US
December 1995 interviews with a 750-person sample of the one million Filipinos in California find that most speak English well and want to become US

Salvadoran/Guatemala Asylum
Salvadoran legislators urged the 187,000 Salvadorans in the United States who are in the so-called ABC program, scheduled to expire January 31, 1996,


Japan: Unemployment and Foreign Workers
Japan's unemployment rate hit its highest level on November 1995 since 1953, 3.4 percent, meaning that 3.3 million of Japan's 64 million workers are

APEC Tackles Migration
Human resource ministers from the 18-APEC member nations approved a draft statement January 11 that calls for sharing labor market information,

China's Internal Migrants
Are migrant workers China's answer to inequality or a threat to its stability? There are 70 million (Ministry of Agriculture estimate) to 100 million

Vietnamese Refugees
Vietnam said in January that it was ready to accept up to 9,000 of the 37,000 Vietnamese in camps in southeast Asia, including 21,000 in Hong Kong.

Indonesia Foreign Work force Grows
The number of foreign workers in Indonesia grew by 38 percent in 1995 to 57,159. Their total salaries amounted to about $200 million. By nationality,

Korea: Foreign Workers and Mail-Order Brides
Korea considered and rejected a license system for foreign workers, and instead will improve the current system in a manner that increases the cost

Foreign Workers in Hong Kong
"Being sold as pigs" is how the Chinese referred to labor recruitment in the 19th century. Today, with Hong Kong booming, and many Chinese migrating


France: Youth, Schengen, and Asylum
France toughened its naturalization legislation in 1993 to require foreigners born in France of foreign parents to apply for French citizenship

UK: Deportation and Asylum
Britain's decision to deport a Saudi dissident to Dominica in order to avoid offending Saudi Arabia and jeopardizing British trade and jobs provoked

Germany: Asylum and Unemployment
Some 127,937 foreigners requested asylum in Germany in 1995, about the same as the 127,210 who requested asylum in 1994, but down from 322,599 in

Hungarian Immigration
Hungary, a country of 10 million, has the highest per capita income in eastern Europe: $3,300 GDP per person per year in 1994, versus $1,100 in


UN Migration Summit?
The Philippine government persuaded the UN General Assembly to poll its 185-member nations to determine whether the UN should convene a summit

Gulf States Foreign Workers
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has started to enforce a law which says that only foreigners earning 3,000 dirhams monthly or more ($817) and

Indian Immigration
India and Nepal have a free migration agreement, and some one million Nepalese live in Bombay. There are also thousands of Bangladeshis in India,

BLS Projections to 2005
US Department of Labor. 1995. BLS Projections to 2005. Monthly Labor Review. Vol 118, No 11. November. This issue presents the BLS's