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March 1996, Volume 3, Number 3

The Americas

INS: Budget and Apprehensions Up
The Immigration and Naturalization Service announced February 8, 1996 that much of the department's FY96 budget of $2.6 billion will be spent to

Presidential Candidates on Immigration
The surprising strength of Pat Buchanan in recent primaries will ensure that immigration remains a key issue in 1996 presidential politics. The

Agricultural Guest Workers
In February 1995, the National Council of Agricultural Employers released a proposal for a supplementary foreign worker program to fill temporary or

CongressMoves on Immigration Reform
Congress is scheduled to debate on major reforms to US immigration law in March 1996. The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to

Unions and Immigrants
The AFL-CIO met in New York in late October, 1995, and selected John Sweeny of the 1.1 million-member Service Employees International Union to head

Canada Cracks Down on Immigrant Sponsors
The Canadian government on December 14, 1995 promised to crack down on residents who, after sponsoring the immigration of their relatives to Canada,

MexicoSteps Up Southern Border Enforcement
Mexico stepped up enforcement on its southern border with Guatemala, arresting an average 300 Central Americans and Asians per day at immigration

Argentina Beefs Up Employer Sanctions
The Argentine government proposed to increase fines to $100,000, and jail terms of up to six years, for employers who hire illegal foreign

Caribbean Immigration
On January 31, 1996 the last 124 Cubans left the US base at Guantanamo for the US. After Cubans and Haitians set out for the US in the summer of


Thailand Proposes Guest Workers
Thailand's interior ministry has proposed a plan to permit employers in 35 of the country's 76 provinces to import foreign workers. The provinces in

Indonesian Workers in Malaysia
Malaysia's "easy exit" for illegal aliens, which began February 3, 1996 during the Hari Raya festival week, attracted few takers. In response, the

Taiwan: Foreign Workers
Taiwan has approved the entry of 290,000 foreign workers, and at the end of October, 1995, there were about 193,000 foreign workers in Taiwan,

Hong Kong Emigration Drops
In February 1996, the number of days until the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong became less than 500. Unexpectedly, in 1995, emigration dropped to its

Filipino Recruitment
Under Philippine law, agencies that arrange for Filipinos to work abroad cannot charge the workers more than 5,000 pesos ($200). Most workers pay far


EU: Schengen and Asylum
A summit aimed at getting France to implement the Schengen agreement's open borders clause scheduled for March 7, 1996 was postponed after a

Germany: Bosnians and Jobs
The interior ministers of Germany's 16 states met January 26, 1996 and agreed to begin to return the 320,000 Bosnians in Germany to Bosnia on July 1,

BritainMore Safe Countries
The controversial Asylum and Immigration Bill passed 280 to 250 on February 22, 1996 in the House of Commons. The bill will now be considered by the

Spain's Grand Bargain
Spain announced new measures on February 1 to crack down on illegal aliens in the country, and to make it harder for non-EU visitors to get visas to

Italy: Immigration Decree Not Enough
The Interior minister who issued Italy's immigration decree that called for the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants in early February called

Czech Republic Faces Labor Shortages
A very low unemployment rate is slowing down the expansion of the free market system in the Czech Republic. Employees are constantly being wooed away


Migration in Africa
In 1972, Idi Amin expelled most of the 70,000 Asians--who ran 90 percent of Uganda's businesses--from the country. Uganda became an economic back

Israel's Foreign Workers
Labor contractors will have to renew their permits for foreign workers during 1996. Half of the 51,000 permits for foreign construction workers will

Libya Expels Foreign Workers
One in three of Libya's five million residents is a foreigner. Since late September, 1995, Col. Mohammar Qaddafi began expelling several hundred

Immigration in Australian Elections
Australia's conservative opposition leader John Howard, who is making a bid to end Labor 13 years as head of government, pledged in February 1996 not

Gulf States' Foreign Workers
A Saudi business group is asking the kingdom to allow foreigners to buy property and invest in the domestic stock market. Foreigners repatriated up

International Labor migration of Asian Women: Distinctive Characteristics and Policy Concerns
Lim, Lin and Nana Oishi. 1996. International Labor migration of Asian Women: Distinctive Characteristics and Policy Concerns. Geneva: ILO.