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April 1996, Volume 3, Number 4

The Americas

Congress Moves to Curb Illegal Immigration
Congress in March took up proposals by Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY)--S S269 and S1394, and Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX)--HR2202, the Immigration

Presidential Candidates and Immigration
Immigration divided the "Big 4" candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, which was wrapped up by Bob Dole on March 19 in the Midwestern

INS: Sanctions, Apprehensions, Immigration, and Naturalizations
Sanctions. The San Francisco Chronicle published a long article on March 18, 1996 reporting that fewer than half of the 12,700 US employers

US and California Population Growth
The US Census Bureau reported March 12 that, by 2050, the non-Hispanic white share of the population would drop to 53 percent, down from 74 percent

Mexico Professionals Being Drawn to US
Mexican professionals such as teachers and doctors are reportedly being drawn to the US because of unemployment in Mexico. According to a March 4

Immigration and Voting
A federal court issued a ruling on March 11, 1996 that upheld the creation of a horseshoe-shaped Chicago congressional district to remedy past


Japan: Managing Migration
On March 6-8, 1996, Nihon University hosted a conference on the Dynamics of Labor Migration in Asia. Selected papers on labor recruitment and the

Singapore: Debate on Foreign Workers
During a debate on the budget on March 20, several members of the Singapore House of Representatives raised the issue of deregulating the employment

Hong Kong and the UK
British Prime Minister John Major announced on March 4 that Hong Kong residents with blue-covered Chinese Special Administrative Region (SAR) travel

Korea's Foreign Trainees
In February 1996, the quota for foreign trainees in South Korea increased to 70,000. By the end of February, some 50,000 foreign trainees were in

China Experiences Immigration
Some of North Korea's 22 million residents are reportedly crossing the Yalu river into China because of food shortages. China's Jilin province

Thailand: Foreign Worker Zones
The Federation of Thai Industries proposed the creation of a special economic zone which would allow foreigners to work without a minimum wage

Indonesia: Too Many Foreigners?
Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation with a labor force growing by almost two million per year, is worried that too many "good jobs"

ILO Report on Migrant Workers
The International Labour Office in Geneva released a report on March 6 about the deteriorating working conditions of migrant workers in East Asia and


Europe: Asylum, Aging, and Tourism
There were about 300,000 applications for asylum in the EU in 1995, down slightly from 305,000 in 1994, and down over 50 percent from the peak

Germany: Ethnics, Kurds, and Construction
Ethnic Germans. The German Social Democratic Party was accused of fanning the flames of xenophobia when its leaders campaigned against

France: African Immigrant Sit-in
On March 18, 1996, some 400 immigrants from Mali, Senegal and Mauritania began a week-long sit-in at a church in Paris to demand French residency

Asylum in UK
On March 5 an immigration judge ordered the British government to reconsider its decision to deport Mohommed al-Masaari to the Caribbean island of

Immigration in Poland
In 1994, 74 million foreigners entered Poland, including eight to nine million citizens of the former Soviet Union, many to request asylum, others

Turkey: Economic Meltdown?
Turkey, one of the world's major potential countries of emigration, was thrown into political uncertainty after the Islamist Refah party won 158


Israel Replaces Palestinians
After a three-week ban on Palestinians entering Israel due to a series of suicide bombings, the government announced on March 24 that it was easing

Immigration in New Zealand Elections
The head of the New Zealand First Party proposed on February 21 that immigrants have a four-year probationary period to prove their commitment to the