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May 1996, Volume 3, Number 5

The Americas

Senate Tackles Illegal Immigration
On May 2, the Senate voted 97-3 to approve a measure (S164) aimed at reducing illegal immigration. A similar House bill approved in March 1996 by a

Immigrant Beatings, Numbers and Naturalization
On April 1, two white Riverside county sheriff's deputies were taped beating two unauthorized Mexican aliens who had led them on an 80 mile

DOL Reports on Temporary Workers
The US Department of Labor's inspector general in April released an 12-state audit of DOL labor certification activities that concluded that "foreign

California: Initiatives and Wages
In California, one proposition qualified for the November 1996 ballot, and one did not. The California Civil Rights Initiative qualified for the

Florida's Growth, Arizona's Prop. 187
Florida is currently the fourth most populous state, with 14 million residents, and is projected to grow to 17-18 million by 2010, and to 22 million

Anti-Terrorism and Asylum
The anti-terrorism bill signed by President Clinton on April 24 would permit asylum officers, with the approval of their supervisors, to exclude

Independent Mexican Unions
Industrial wages in Mexico are equivalent to only 50 percent of their 1982 level, but the number of strikes in Mexico is still very low--there were

Central American Immigrants
The seven countries of Central America south of Mexico are smaller, poorer, and more rural than Mexico. They sent about 40,000 legal immigrants to


Vietnamese Boat People
Over one million Vietnamese "boat people" have been resettled since 1975, including 823,000 in the US, 137,000 each in Australia and Canada, 96,000

Chinese Crackdown on Migrants
China began a nationwide crackdown on illegal overseas workers on May 1. Under new regulations, foreigners must obtain work permits from their local

Malaysia Foreign Workers Are Security Threat
The Malaysian government is calling foreign workers a national security threat. One Malaysian official said Malaysia needs to learn from the

Japan to Train Foreign Workers
The Japanese government plans to extend the maximum length of "training" for foreign workers from two to three years in order to encourage the

Hong Kong Prepares Residents for 1997
Some 160,000 Hong Kong residents lined up before the March 31, 1996 deadline to apply for British National Overseas (BNO) passports that give them

Taiwan: Foreign Workers and Illegal Immigration
On April 10, some 550 Chinese illegal immigrants in Taiwan staged a demonstration at a detention center after being held as long as seven months. The

Philippines Remittances Up
The Philippine Central Bank reported that remittances from Filipino overseas contract workers increased over 63 percent to US $4.93 billion in 1995


EU--Illegal and Internal Migration
Europol has declared "organized illegal immigration" to be the police organization's "greatest concern." In several countries, officials who were

Germany: Bosnians, Kurds, and Construction/a>
Bosnians. There are about 320,000 Bosnians living in Germany, and they are scheduled to begin to return to Bosnia on July 1, 1996. A poll

French Commission Recommends Immigration Restrictions/a>
A parliamentary commission on April 21 called for a tightening of the country's immigration laws in order to reduce the "temptations" of France to

Greece Offers Albanians Amnesty
Greece plans to offer legal status to the 250,000 to 500,000 illegal Albanians in the country, part of friendship agreement signed by the two

Italian Candidates Ignore Immigration Issue
In the run-up to Italy's elections on April 21, the mainstream parties -- the center-right Freedom Alliance and center-left Olive Tree -- did not

Poland/Romania Emigration
Emigration from Poland decreased sharply in the early 1990s, down to less than 50,000 from the peak 280,000 emigrants in 1989. An estimated 300,000


New Zealand/Australia Immigrants
The New Zealand First Party is gaining strength in opinion polls, mostly by portraying the 125,000 Asian immigrants in the country of 3.5 million as

Foreigners in the Gulf
The six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States--Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates-- are attempting to reduce