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June 1996, Volume 3, Number 6

The Americas

Immigration Reform Advances
On March 21, 1996 the US House of Representatives passed a bill 333-87 that would add agents to the US Border Patrol, take other steps to reduce

INS: Numbers, Criminals, Sanctions
Legal Immigration. The INS was criticized by Congressional leaders of immigration subcommittees in May 1996 for "misleading" the public about

California Migration
Internal Migration. California lost a net 143,000 residents to other states in 1995, reflecting the slowdown in the state's population growth

Florida: No Federal Reimbursement
On May 13, the US Supreme Court refused to permit Florida to sue the federal government to recoup the cost of providing services to illegal aliens.

Mexico-US Agree on Migrant Rights
Mexicans' Rights. On May 8, the US and Mexico signed 11 agreements, including a four-page "Memorandum of Understanding on Consular Protection"

Regulating the Immigrant Labor Market
The US Department of Labor on May 3 issued its first-ever report on the nation's garment workers. Half of the sewing shops that were investigated had

Immigrants and US Business
Immigrants in the US have higher rates of self-employment than US natives. As immigration increased over the past 25 years, immigrants from


Migration at Asian Summits
The Asean Trade Union Council (ATUC) in mid-May announced at an International Labour Organisation-ATUC symposium that it would urge governments and

Japan: Accept More Refugees?
Sadako Ogata, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, urged Japan to accept more refugees in May 1996. Japan signed the 1951 Refugee Convention in

Thailand: Two Million Illegals?
Thailand's security forces estimate that there may be over two million unauthorized foreign workers in the country, four times the mid-1995 estimate

Singapore: Reduce Dependence
Singapore's Labor Minister warned the construction industry to improve its productivity rather than rely on foreign workers. According to

Vietnamese Boat People: Repatriation and Rioting
Hong Kong and other places in southeast Asia that house the 33,000 Vietnamese "boat people" remaining in camps stepped up their efforts to return

China Restricts Foreign Workers
On May 1, 1996, China introduced new restrictions on foreigners working in the country, and on internal migrants, in a bid to preserve "social

Malaysia: Detained Foreigners Can Work in Ag
The Malaysian government in mid-May announced that the 11,000 illegal workers being detained could obtain an "amnesty" or legal work permit if they

Hong Kong Cuts Age Restrictions on Chinese Children
The Hong Kong government announced on May 18 that it will eliminated the age restriction on children entering Hong Kong on one-way permits from China

Taiwan: Maximum Foreigners
The Council of Labor Affairs announced on May 22 that there were 212,800 foreign workers in Taiwan, and that this was the "maximum limit." The CLA


EU: 1997, the Year Against Racism
The EU Parliament has designated 1997 as European Year against Racism, and called for the "isolation" of "racist parties" such as France's National

German Court Upholds Asylum Reforms
Asylum/Aussiedler. The German Constitutional Court on May 14 upheld the asylum reforms that went into effect on July 1, 1993--the reforms

French Debate Immigration Restrictons
Interior Minister Debre endorsed some of the 46 recommendations made by a parliamentary commission April 16, 1996, arguing that "if we want to

UK: Debate on Asylum
As the Asylum and Immigration Bill made its way through the British Parliament, a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme was added to permit British

Since the USSR was formally dissolved in 1991, some nine million people have been uprooted, including at least two million people who fled regional


Chinese to Australia
Christmas Island, a remote island 1,240 miles off Australia's north west coast, has been the target of the largest influx of Asian boat people in

Israel's Foreign Workers
The Knesset State Control Committee released a report in May 1996 that asserted that 10 percent of Israel's workers are foreigners--100,000 working

Libya To Expel More Palestinians
In June, 1996, Libyan authorities are expected to begin expelling thousands of Palestinians. The Palestinians will be placed in camps near the

Liberian Refugees
Several ships filled with Liberians fleeing fighting were initially turned away from neighboring country ports by countries that feared the Liberians

Data on the Foreign-Born from the October 1994 CPS
Data on the Foreign-Born from the October 1994 CPS. 1996. US Department of Labor, International Labor Affairs Bureau, Bulletin 3, May.