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August 1996, Volume 3, Number 8

The Americas

Congress: Immigration, Welfare, Minimum Wages
Immigration. In July, Republicans continued to debate among themselves whether to try to include the Gallegly amendment in pending legislation

INS: Enforcement, Asylum, and Naturalization
Enforcement. Beginning in 1993, the INS implemented a "prevention through deterrence" strategy along the US-Mexican border, seeking to

Mexico/US Immigration
It is often asserted that Mexico and the US have the largest wage gap between contiguous countries, but the World Bank's World Development Report,

Immigrant Integration
In July 1997, several reports on the economic progress of recent Latino immigrants were released, and all were pessimistic about upward mobility for


Thailand Offers Amnesty
The Thai Cabinet approved new regulations that will allow currently illegal workers from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia who entered Thailand before June

Camps for Vietnamese Close
On June 30, 1996, most of the camps for boat people from Vietnam were closed, ending a 20-year saga--the camps were originally supposed to be closed

Female Migrants in Asia
The International Labor Office (ILO) estimates there are at least 1.5 million female workers from Asia employed outside their country of citizenship,

Japan: Foreign Residents, Opposition Up
The Japanese Justice Ministry announced on July 7 that the number of foreign residents registered in Japan reached a record high of 1.36 million in


Britain Debates Asylum Change
The British government has been trying to reduce the number of asylum seekers, and to limit their access to social services while their applications

German Immigration Reforms Expected
Immigration Policy. Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen, Germany's Commissioner for Foreigners, predicted on June 29 that Germany will soon make reforms

Foreign Workers in Eastern Europe
As European countries such as Germany reduce illegal immigration and access to asylum, migrants from Asia and Africa are being stranded in Eastern

Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands
Since January 1995, there have been over 80 suicide attempts, 20 of them successful, by asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The European refugee


Australia Cuts Immigration 10 Percent
The Australian government announced the first week of July that it plans to cut 1996/1997 non-humanitarian immigration by 10 percent, to 74,000 per

Palestinians Lose Israeli Jobs
Until 1994, some 70,000 residents of Gaza's one million residents, one of the world's most densely populated places, commuted daily to jobs in

Lebanon's Foreign Workers
The Arab Labor Organization announced on July 9 that there are 1.25 to 2.25 million foreign workers in Lebanon, a country of 3.8 million. The ALO did

US- Mexican Cooperation on Immigration?
A June 14-15 conference organized by Frank D. Bean, Rodolofo de la Garza, Bryan Roberts, and Sidney Weintraub and the University of Texas at Austin