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November 1996, Volume 3, Number 11

The Americas

Naturalization Controversy Continues
As the number of newly-naturalized US citizens surpassed 1.1 million in FY96, Republicans stepped up their attacks on Citizenship USA. Vice President

Immigration in the Election
Presidential Politics. After the second debate between presidential candidates Robert Dole and Bill Clinton in San Diego on October 16, 1996,

Assessing 1996 Immigration Changes
In 1996, three major laws that affect immigrants and immigration were enacted: The Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, signed into law on

INS: Enforcement and Management
Enforcement. On October 10, 1996, the INS announced that Operation Gatekeeper would be extended to East San Diego county. Intense Border

Welfare Reform's Uneven Impacts
Food Stamps. In the omnibus spending bill, approved at the end of September 1996 along with the new immigration law, the Clinton

California: Population, Housing and Labor
Population. The US Census Bureau released its projections of California's population in October, and projected that the state would have 49.3

Mexican Views on Immigration
On October 22, 1996, Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jose Angel Gurria asserted that "The phenomenon of migration can be beneficial and offers

Nonimmigrants/US Business/Inequality
Labor Certification. US mathematicians holding doctorates, whose unemployment rate jumped to almost 11 percent in 1995, are protesting the

Canadian Immigration Falls
Canada anticipated the arrival of 220,000 immigrants and refugees in 1996 but, as of October, only about 160,000 had arrived. The

Dominican Republic Immigration
An estimated 700,000 Dominicans, almost 10 percent of the 7.5 million population of the Dominican Republic, are believed to have emigrated since


Migration between Two Koreas
China and South Korea are reportedly building refugee camps to handle what some expect to be a hunger-induced mass emigration from North Korea of up

Singapore: Foreign Workers and Productivity
In September 1996, Singapore reached its highest-ever level of foreign worker employment, when the 350,000 foreign workers reached 20 percent of the

Malaysia: Recruitment Ban Continues
Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced on October 12 that the government would continue the ban on permits to import unskilled foreign workers

Thailand: From Illegals to Guest Workers
Foreign Workers. According to the Interior Ministry, of the 590,000 illegal immigrants in Thailand in mid-1995, about 300,000 came from Burma,

Vietnam Restricts Foreigner Workers
Vietnam in October 1996 announced new rules for the employment of foreigners. Foreigners working in joint venture and wholly foreign-owned companies


EU: Majority Voting on Migration Issues
Third Pillar. The European Union agreed on October 2, 1996 to move from unanimity to majority decision-making on immigration, border control,

Germany Returns Bosnians
Bosnians. Under an August 1996 agreement between the 16 German states and the Interior Ministry in Bonn, a three-phase repatriation program

France: New Immigration Legislation?
The French government in October proposed legislation to crack down on immigrants employed in the underground economy. If enacted into law, France

Morocco and Spain to Fight Illegal Immigration
Spain and Morocco on October 3, 1996, announced new measures to combat illegal immigration. The two countries will establish joint commissions to

Netherlands Expects Increase in Immigration
The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics reported on October 8, 1996 that the improving economic climate of the Netherlands is expected to increase


UAE Expels Migrants
The United Arab Emirates in October continued to expel thousands of illegal migrants, leading, in at least one case, to labor shortages. Foreigners

Immigration in Africa
Throughout Africa in 1996, illegal immigrants were expelled by countries who blamed them for everything from spreading AIDS to crime and

Australian Race Debate Heats Up
On October 30, Australia's political leaders issued a joint statement in the Parliament opposing racism. The debate on race in Australia was sparked

Slow Advancement for the Newly-Legalized
The Houston Chronicle ran a series, Out of the Shadows, which concluded that many of the aliens legalized in 1986-87 are falling into America's

Working Papers on Immigration Issues
Borjas, George, and Lynnette Hilton. 1996. Immigration and the Welfare State: Immigrant Participation in Means-Tested Entitlement Programs. NBER WP