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December 1996, Volume 3, Number 12

The Americas

Voting and Naturalization
On the basis of exit polls, the New York Times reported that 83 percent of those voting in November 1996 were white, 10 percent were

Welfare/Immigration Reform Implementation
About 1.5 million of the nation's four million adult welfare recipients are likely to lose welfare benefits in the next few years and an additional

Mexican Migrants on the Chicken Trail
Missouri. The Los Angeles Times on November 10-12, 1996 ran a three-part report on "the chicken trail," about the recruitment of poultry

Legal Immigration Changes?
Legal immigration is expected to return as a major issue in the 105th Congress, which begins its work in January 1997. Current law anticipates the

INS Enforcement
The INS announced that it removed from the US 67,100 illegal aliens in FY96, and 160,000 over the past three years. About 55 percent of the aliens

Mexico and Guatemala
Gaps between the rich and poor in Mexico and between the industrial northern and indigenous southern parts of the country, are widening. There have

Religion and Immigration
Largely because of changes in immigration laws in 1965, the United States "is now the most religiously diverse country on earth," according to an

Immigrant Integration
A survey found that 52 percent of graduating US high school students think the US has too many immigrants. More than half believe that immigration


Japan Copes with Illegal Foreigners
On November 18, the Japanese government said it will grant Japanese citizenship to a child born out of wedlock to a Filipina woman and a Japanese

China-Hong Kong Border
In mid-November, some 2,000 police and border troops in China's Guangdong province launched their second drill to prevent a sudden storming of the

APEC Meets in Manila
The 18-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) met in Manila on November 20-25, 1996 to discuss ways to achieve free trade between the

Foreign Workers in Singapore
There are now 350,000 foreign workers employed in Singapore, nearly 12 percent of the population. Most of the foreign workers in Singapore are from

South Korea Contends with Foreign Workers
The South Korean government plans to import 1,500 skilled foreign workers from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines in 1997 for the construction

Taiwan Struggles to Control Foreign Workers
The Council of Labor Affairs on November 14, 1996 announced that it was reducing the maximum percentage of foreign workers in a company or factory


EU Immigration
The EU's on-going inter-governmental conference (IGC) is set to approve majority voting for employment promotion and environmental protection.

Germany: Bosnia, Asylum and Vietnamese
The German Bundestag in November approved changes to immigration laws that permit the expulsion of foreigners convicted of "severe" disruption of the

France Amends 1993 Immigration Law
The French cabinet on November 6, 1996 approved a bill that would remove "anomalies" created by 1993 immigration laws, largely by increasing the

Immigrants in Eastern Europe
Poland and Russia in November signed an agreement that permits visa-free travel between the two countries. Russia also agreed to accept from Poland

Migrant Smuggling
An International Organization for Migration heard a plea to treat prostitutes as migrant workers because they are forced by their economic situation

Russians Seek Asylum in Norway
The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has refused to give the Russian Embassy information about eight Russian citizens seeking political asylum in Norway.

Austria Tightens Border Controls
On November 13, the Austrian government announced that it would impose stricter controls on its border with former Communist countries, including the

Ireland's Immigrants
Ireland, a country of 3.6 million with a per capita GNP of $13,500 in 1994, has heretofore been a country of emigration rather than a destination for

Sweden's Refugee Law
The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs released in October 1996 a summary of a Proposed Parliamentary Bill on Migration Policy. If enacted, the bill


Child Labor and Slavery
On November 11, 1996, the International Labor Organization released a report, "Child Labor: Targeting the Intolerable," that estimated that 250

Population Growth, Urbanization/a> and Tourism
The world's population, expected to top 5.8 billion in December 1996, is growing at about 79 million per year (216,000 per day), reflecting 133

Bangladesh formally asked Taiwan if it would receive Bangladeshi workers, but Taiwan responded on October 11, 1996 that it does not plan to import

Foreign Workers in the Middle East
About 40 percent of the population of the six Gulf nations are foreigners and their per capita incomes, including foreign residents, have fallen

The Atlantic: Can the US afford immigration?
The November 1996 Atlantic includes two immigration articles. Historian David M. Kennedy asks "Can We Still Afford to Be a Nation of Immigrants?" and