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January 1997, Volume 4, Number 1

The Americas

Immigration, Naturalization Up in FY96
There were 720,461 people admitted as immigrants in FY95, down 10 percent from 804,416 in FY94; an estimated one million people were admitted as

Ethnic Voting in 1996
Recently-naturalized US citizens voted overwhelmingly for Clinton in November 1996. An estimated 71 percent of Hispanics voted for Clinton.

Expanding Access to Asylum
Since 1994, when the US recognized persecution because of homosexuality as grounds for asylum, some 60 foreigners have been given asylum in the US on

Implementing Welfare Changes
On November 27, 1996, the New York Times reported that the Clinton administration was proposing changes in the August 1996 welfare law that would

INS: Management Woes/Enforcement
INS field managers have accused William S. Slattery, the third-ranking official in the INS, of improper associations with Korean garment shop owners.

Mexico: Dual Citizenship and NAFTA
The Mexican Senate and Chamber of Deputies approved legislation on December 10, 1996 that would permit Mexicans who become naturalized US citizens to

Canada: Immigration Goals-Reality Gap
The ruling Liberal Party government in Canada promised to keep annual immigration at one percent of the population, which would imply about 300,000

Caribbean Migration to the US
The 15 independent Caribbean nations, plus several dependencies, have total population of about 36 million and some of the highest emigration rates

Affirmative Action and Official English
Affirmative Action. On December 23, 1996, a San Francisco federal judge blocked enforcement of Proposition 209, saying in a 67-page opinion that


Singapore Steps up Enforcement
A Korean joint venture firm, Ssangyong-Guan Ho Joint Venture, was fined a record S$1.56 million for employing illegal foreign workers. After a 3.5

Indonesia: Substitute Natives for Foreigners
Beginning in 1997, all foreign workers in Indonesia will have to pay a levy of US$100 per month. The money will be deposited in a skills development

Korea To Increase Foreign Trainees
On December 6, 1996, Korea announced that it would increase the number of Chinese trainees in the country. About 12,0000 of the 80,000 foreign

Japan: Boat People and Citizenship
A group of 24 Pakistanis arrived in Kagoshima on a freighter and received transit visas and then were detained on suspicion that they were attempting

Hong Kong and China
After the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, the UK adopted the British Nationality Selection Scheme to anchor 50,000 key people and their families in

Philippines: Regulating Migrant Conditions
There are an estimated 4.2 to 4.5 million Filipinos from a population of 70 million working abroad. Most of them are women, including 95 percent of

Malaysia: New Agency and Crackdown
The Malaysian government plans to establish a new agency in 1997 to handle all matters pertaining to foreign workers. There have been allegations

Asian Labor Migration
Asian countries received $75 billion in remittances from workers abroad in 1995 compared with $54 billion in official foreign aid, according to the


UK Employer Sanctions
The UK's Home Affairs ministry mailed letters to 1.1 million British employers in early December informing them that the employer sanctions included

EU Proposes Common Immigration Policy
The EU's Inter-Governmental Conference (IGC), which met in Dublin December 13 and 14, discussed a 140-page Irish proposal to abolish all border

Labor Mobility and Social Dumping
The EU guarantees nationals of member nations "four freedoms"--free movement of goods, capital, services and workers. This means, for example, that a

Germany-Kohl: Immigration Affects Unemployment
In a debate on the government's proposed 1997 budget, Chancellor Helmut Kohl said that immigration has made it difficult to reduce unemployment,

France: Tougher Immigration Laws/Enforcement?
After African immigrants occupied a church in the summer of 1996 to protest French immigration laws, the French government promised to legitimize the

Italy: Legalization Finally Approved
Beginning in November 1995, the Italian government issued six 60-day decrees that permit illegal immigrants to remain in the country if they register

Czech Immigration/Bulgarian Emigration
The Czech Republic has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, three percent, which is attributed to low wages and a location that attracts

Swiss Referendum on Asylum
On December 1, 1996 the Swiss voted 54 percent to 46 percent against a measure that would prevented persons without documents from applying for

On June 19, Greece seized a Honduras-flag cargo ship carrying 136 illegal Asian migrants just outside Piraeus. The mostly Indian and Pakistani men

Russia and Central Asian Republics
Moscow's mayor on December 22 said that Russia must introduce a quota system to regulate the migration of ethnic Russians from CIS countries to


US and World Population
The US population was 266 million on January 1, 1997, up about 2.3 million or 0.9 percent from January 1, 1996. Net immigration of 809,000 accounted

Immigration into Venezuela
Colombia and Venezuela share 2,219 kilometers of border and many Colombians take advantage of better opportunities in Venezuela and move there.

Australia/New Zealand
Australia's Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs on December 13, 1996 promised a "a planned and balanced migration program" that would

The Wages and Language Skills of US Immigrants
Carliner, Geoffrey. 1996. The Wages and Language Skills of US Immigrants. NBER Working Paper 5763. September. [url=][/url]