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February 1997, Volume 4, Number 2

The Americas

Immigration, Naturalization and Dual Citizenship
Immigration. The INS announced that 911,000 immigrants were legally admitted to the US in FY96, up 26 percent from 720,461 in FY95. The INS

Congress: No Major Legislation Expected in 1997
The 105th Congress convened on January 7, 1996. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) was re-appointed chair of the House immigration subcommittee, while Sen.

INS: Enforcement and Asylum
Under Operation Jobs, the INS is seeking to open up jobs for US workers by persuading employers to recruit legal replacement workers before the

Is Gatekeeper Working?
The INS budget has doubled from $1.5 billion in FY93 to $3.1 billion in FY97, with most of the increased funds going to reduce illegal immigration.

Protecting Immigrants
The Los Angeles Times on January 12, 1997 described how established immigrants sometimes cheat newcomers who accept offers of medical, legal,

Mexico: Immigration and Poverty
The Mexican government suspended five immigration agents involved in the killing of a Guatemalan immigrant January 21, 1997 at a train station in Las

Poverty and Welfare Reform
According to US Census Bureau data, the percentage of the nation's Hispanics in poverty--30 percent--in 1995 for the first time exceeded the

US: Low Wage Workers
Marriott and 28 companies, including J.C. Penny, Hyatt International, McDonald's, ConAgra and Levi Strauss, have formed the Employer Group to study


Japan: Nikkei Come to Stay
Brazilians and Peruvians of Japanese ancestry, known as nikkei, are continuing to migrate to Japan despite their mixed reception and the Japanese

China and Hong Kong
China is gearing up for heavy travel over the Lunar New Year, which begins on February 7, 1997. The holiday period runs from January 18 to March 8,

Malaysian Crackdown on Illegal Aliens
Malaysia's Immigration Act (Amendment) of 1996 went into effect on January 1, 1997, but enforcement was delayed until February 1, 1997. The

Korea: Trainees and Strike
In October, 1996, there were an estimated 194,000 foreign workers in Korea, including 120,000 illegal overstayers, 61,000 trainees and 13,000

Taiwan Develops Immigration Laws
The Taiwan government continues to work on immigration laws that would grant permanent residence to foreign nationals who have lived in Taiwan for at


Germany: Foreign Workers and Unemployment
German Chancellor Kohl repeated in January earlier comments that it was "absurd" that German employers were having to hire foreign workers despite

UK: Asylum and Sanctions
Asylum. Since February 1996, people who fail to apply for political asylum upon their arrival in the UK are denied public housing or support

Italy Copes with Immigration
Italian Prime Minister Prodi announced that in 1997, Italy wanted to become a full Schengen participant. Italy has been a member of the Schengen

Poland To Tighten Borders
A Polish inter-ministerial work group met on January 15, 1997 to discuss how to combat illegal immigration, organized crime and drug smuggling. The

Russian Internal Migration
Internal migration within Russia has been stymied by the Soviet-installed system of residency permits, known as propiska. Without a residency permit,

Asylum Protests Continue in France
An estimated 3,000 people in Paris protested on January 19 against the French government's plans to tighten laws against illegal immigration. On


Israel To Accept Palestinian Workers
Israeli and Palestinian labor officials in mid-January agreed to reduce the number of foreign workers from Asia and Eastern Europe so that

UAE: Seven Percent Depart
The United Arab Emirates in July 1996 launched a three-month amnesty during which illegal aliens who had overstayed visas or left their original

India, Nepal and Bangladesh
In mid-January, Saudi Arabia deported 76 deformed Indian girls who had been sold by their parents to traffickers who took them to Mecca to beg, where

Ethnic Los Angeles
UCLA hosted a conference January 17-18, 1997 to release the book Ethnic Los Angeles, a four-part, 15-chapter book written by 21 researchers