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March 1997, Volume 4, Number 3

The Americas

Implementing Welfare Changes
President Clinton's FY98 budget, released February 6, 1997, called for restoring some of the welfare benefits that were denied to legal immigrants by

Five Million Illegal Aliens in US
The INS on February 7, 1997 released new estimates of the population of resident illegal aliens, estimating that there were five million unauthorized

Naturalization and Voting
On February 24, 1997, the Justice Department said that 180,000 immigrants who applied for naturalization did not have required criminal background

Mexican Immigrants Spread Out
One axiom of Mexico-US migration has been that most migrants come from west central Mexico and settle in a handful of US states and cities.

Mexico: Drugs, Grupo Beta and Trade
Drugs. The arrest of the Mexican general who led Mexico's National Institute to Combat Drugs after only two months in office, Gen. Jesus

INS: Budget and Enforcement
Budget. President Clinton's budget for FY98 proposes a $3.6 billion for the INS, more than double the FY93 budget and enough to allow the INS

State Suits and Proposition 187
For the fourth time, a federal appeals court has refused to allow a state to sue the federal government for reimbursement of the costs of supporting

Hawaii: Mexicans and Natives
The Mexican government opened a consular office in Honolulu to serve the estimated 15,000 Mexicans in Hawaii, such as the Mexican worker profiled in


Japan: Foreigners in Government?
Beginning April 1, 1997, the start of Japan's fiscal year, local governments in Kobe and Yokohama will eliminate nationality clauses on many exams

China: Vietnamese, Deng Dies
Vietnam promised to cooperate with China to reduce illegal immigration into southern Chinese provinces. According to China Daily, nearly 50,000

Malaysia: New Law Prompts Exits
Malaysia's new immigration law went into effect on February 1, 1997, when 1,900 illegal workers were detained and many illegal Bangladeshis attempted

South Korea's Foreign Workers
Foreign workers in South Korea earn an average monthly salary of US$740, of which about 30 percent is spent on living expenses and the rest is sent

Minorities in Hong Kong Get British Citizenship
The British government decided on February 4 that it would grant citizenship to 8,000 persons in Hong Kong who were likely to be left stateless when


France: Immigration Reform Approved
French opinion about immigration and integration seems to be polarizing, with the National Front gaining power and acceptance and prominent French

Germany: Unemployment and Immigration
For the third time in two months, German Chancellor Kohl on January 31, 1997 referred to the "immigration factor" that affects German unemployment

Italian Immigration Reform
Italy's cabinet on February 14, 1997 approved a draft bill aimed at reducing illegal immigration that would also grant more rights to legal foreign

Greece and Albania
On February 12, Greece announced plans to increase security along its northern border in order to prevent a possible new wave of illegal immigrants

EU Immigration Policy?
The EU is striving to reach agreement on a plan that would phase out border controls between member nations by 2000 or 2001. British Prime Minister

UK: Anti-Discrimination Efforts
Britain began a "Race for Millennium" campaign which urges employers to reduce discrimination in hiring and promotion. Ethnic

Temporary Workers in the Netherlands
Adult foreign residents from outside the European Union may soon be required to participate in a free but compulsory 500-hour assimilation program.

Switzerland to Expel Bosnians in April
On January 29, 1997, the Swiss government announced that Bosnians in Switzerland will have to begin returning in April 1997, and that aid for those


Australia: Asians, Investment
About five percent of Australia's 18 million residents are Asians, but Asians are 40 percent of annual immigration, 74,000 in 1997. According to some

Middle East and Foreign Workers
Israel in February 1997 reported that Palestinian workers were 0.7 percent of Israel's total labor force in April-June 1996, down from 2.2 percent in

INS: Methodology and State-by-State Estimates
On February 7, 1997, the INS estimated that there were five million illegal aliens in the US in October 1996, up from 3.9 million in October 1992

Migration News Readership Survey Results
The February 1997 issue was sent by email to 1,650 subscribers; another 112 subscribers received the paper edition. This report is based on 360