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April 1997, Volume 4, Number 4

The Americas

Implementing Immigration Changes
Many of the provisions of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 become effective April 1, 1997. The regulations

Congress: Naturalization and INS
The INS' Citizenship USA program was launched in August 1995 to reduce from two years to six months or less the time between applying to become a

Mexico: Drugs and Naturalization
Drugs. On February 28, 1997 President Clinton re-certified Mexico as a fully cooperating ally in the struggle against drug smuggling, despite

Welfare Changes Continue
The 1996 welfare law made a major change in the relationship between immigrants and the social safety net, shifting US policy from generally making

California: Welfare and Prop 187
On March 25, Governor Wilson unveiled long-awaited proposals to make unauthorized aliens ineligible for 200 state services, put give them access to

Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Trade and Cuba
Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, the number one source of immigrants to New York City, US consulates receive an average of 500

English Only
The US Supreme Court on March 3, 1997 set aside an appeals court decision that said that Arizona could not require state employees to speak only


Japan: Chinese Boat People
After apprehending as many illegal Chinese immigrants in January-February 1997 as in all of 1996, a delegation of Japanese officials met with the

Malaysia Targets Foreign Professionals
After cracking down on illegal unskilled foreign workers, the Malaysian government in March 1997 announced plans to go after illegal foreign

Thailand: Illegals to Guest Workers?
Thailand in September 1996 launched programs to turn illegal alien workers into legal guest workers. Thai employers had until November 30, 1996 to

Taiwan's Foreign Laborers
Taiwan reported that, as of January 31, 1997, there were 249,000 foreign laborers in the country. Taoyuan county in northern Taiwan recorded the

Korea Simplifies Rules on Skilled Foreign Workers
Beginning July 1, 1997, Korea plans to simplify procedures for skilled foreigners to work in the country. Instead of getting work visas from Korean

Singapore's Foreign Workers
In Singapore, which has issued 400,000 employment passes to foreigners, foreign workers comprise almost 20 per cent of the work force. Some 2,148


Italy Copes with Albanians
The southern half of Albania slipped away from government control in March as Albanians protested the collapse of pyramid investment schemes that

France Amends Immigration Law
On March 25, the lower house of the French National Assembly adopted a slightly modified immigration bill at its second reading. The second reading

Germany: Bosnians, Asylum and Foreign Workers
Bosnians. Berlin city authorities on March 14, 1997 ordered the deportation of two refugees to Sarajevo -- a harbinger of what is planned.

Turkey and EU
EU. During a meeting in Brussels on March, 4, 1997, Wilfred Maartens, the former Belgian prime minister and president of the European People's

EU: Displaced Persons
EU representatives to the Inter-Governmental Conference on the Maastricht Treaty in early March 1997 debated how to promote cooperation on justice


Australia Court: No Asylum Due to Fear of Forced Sterilization
The High Court of Australia on February 24, 1997 upheld the rejection of an application for refugee status from a Chinese couple who went to

West African Migration
Abidjan, Ivory Coast has reportedly attracted hundreds of thousands of African migrants -- mostly from Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea and Niger. There

South Africa Returns Illegal Aliens
South Africa's Department of Home Affairs reported that 135,000 illegal aliens were returned to their countries of origin in 1996, including 113,000

Americanization, Assimilation and Integration
Peter D. Salins, in recent articles and a new book "Assimilation, American Style," argues that the US must re-dedicate itself to assimilating

Integration in New Jersey
This three-part, 14 chapter book, released March 19, 1997 in Washington, argues that New Jersey has been more successful integrating immigrants than