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May 1997, Volume 4, Number 5

The Americas

Welfare: Immigrant Eligibility Restored
Legislation. On May 2, 1997, Congress and President Clinton agreed in the balanced budget plan to continue Medicaid and Supplemental Security

INS: Management and Apprehensions
Management. On April 18, a 140-page independent audit of the Citizenship USA program by accounting firm KPMG Peat Marwick found that only one

IIRIRA Goes Into Effect
IIRIRA. Many provisions of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996--IIRIRA-- went into effect as scheduled on

Mexico Criticizes IIRIRA
Reactions to IIRIRA. All four parties in Mexico's Congress condemned IIRIRA, amidst assertions in the Mexican press that the new law would

Foreign-born Population and Immigration Up
Foreign-born. The US population of 265 million in mid-1996 included about 24.6 million or 9.3 percent foreign-born residents, almost double

California: Voting, Prop 209
Voting. Hispanics cast 15 percent of the votes in the election for mayor of Los Angeles on April 8, 1997, a record high share; whites cast 65

Canada: Immigration Up
The Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration on March 18, 1997 announced that 225,313 immigrants had arrived in 1996, more than the 195,000

Marianas: Foreign Workers
The US controls several Pacific Ocean islands, including the 14-island Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, of which Saipan is capital, and


Japan: Chinese and Integration
Chinese. The number of Chinese being smuggled into Japan via Japan's rugged western coast is increasing, and the Chinese and Japanese traded

Malaysia: Roundups and New Migrants
Malaysia in 1996-97 began to round up illegal foreign workers in a manner that recalls the US Operation Wetback in 1954, with midnight raids and the

China and Hong Kong
Hong Kong. Chinese officials announced in April that Hong Kong residents would not have to be physically present in Hong Kong on July 1, 1997

Singapore: Sanctions and Dependence
Sanctions. For the second time in 1997, a first-time offender in Singapore has been sentenced to eight months in prison for hiring illegal

Asia: Affluent Emigrate?
A survey of 400 affluent people in each of 13 Asia-Pacific countries in December 1996 by Mastercard International found that 16 percent of them hoped


Germany: Bosnians, Immigration Policy
Bosnians/Asylum. In Germany, states (Laender) have the authority to return foreigners who are not permitted to remain in Germany.

France: New Law, Campaign
On March 26, 1997, the new French immigration law, loi Debre, was approved by Parliament. On the same day, the government announced an 18-point

Italy and Albania
On April 2, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi made a surprise visit to Albania to meet with his Albanian counterpart, Bashkim Fino, in an attempt

Turkey: Future EU Member?
German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel said in Ankara on March 26, 1997 that "It is clear that Turkey will not become a member of the European Union in


Australia: Hanson Launches Party
In September 1996, Pauline Hanson, newly elected to the Australian Parliament, called for a halt to immigration to prevent Australia from being

South Africa: Refugees and Workers
Beginning in 1993, South Africa began to recognize refugees under the 1951 Geneva convention. Today, over 800 foreigners apply for asylum in South

Israel: Return of Arab Workers?
Israel announced in April that foreign workers from Thailand, Romania and other countries would be phased out and that Arabs from the West Bank and

IMEC Migration Conference
The International Center for Migration, Ethnicity, and Citizenship of the New School for Social Research held a conference April 4, 1997 that took