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June 1997, Volume 4, Number 6

The Americas

Immigrants and Welfare
Under the budget compromise reached May 16, 1997, Congress and President Clinton agreed to modify the 1996 welfare law to maintain Supplemental

Clinton Travels South
Mexico. President Clinton and 10 members of his Cabinet visited Mexico May 5-7, 1997. President Clinton and President Zedillo signed 10

INS: Criminal Aliens, Denaturalization and Sanctions
Criminal Aliens. On May 13, 1997, the INS reported that it had removed or excluded from the US 42,426 illegal aliens in the first half of

Immigration and Bilingual Education
There were 2.8 million Limited-English Proficient (LEP) pupils in K-12 schools in the US in 1996-97, double the number in the mid-1980s. Fewer than 1

NRC on Immigration
The National Research Council released on May 17, 1997 a 500-page, $800,000 report entitled "The New Americans: Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal


China's Hong Kong Border
Hong Kong reverts to Chinese rule on July 1, 1997, and there are fears of massive illegal immigration as Chinese slip into Hong Kong hoping for

Japan's New Immigration Law
A revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law went into effect on May 11 in Japan. The revised law increases penalties on organizations

Korea: Trainees to Workers
On May 22, 1997, Korea announced that it had decided to adopt an "employment permit system" to reduce the social problems that have arisen under the

Taiwan: Foreign Workers Can Stay
Taiwan will allow the 260,000 foreign workers, 60 percent Thais, to extend their contracts from two to three years, as requested by employers who


EU: Difficult Negotiations
At the EU summit in Amsterdam on June 16-17, 1997, the Dutch premier will propose that the EU stop pressing Britain to remove its border controls in

French Elections and Immigration
The French socialists and their allies won the June 1, 1997 elections in France, taking at least 268 seats in the 577 member National Assembly. A

UK: Policy Changes and Asylum
The new British government has announced it will eliminate rules under which Britons marrying non-EU citizens must prove the marriage is not an

Italy Deals with Albanians
On May 15, 1997, the Italian government won its 22nd vote of confidence in one year when the lower house of parliament agreed 306-192 to enact into

Irish Asylum Seekers
Eastern European asylum seekers are appearing in Ireland's homeless shelters and welfare offices. More than 100 foreigners apply for asylum in


Australia Cuts Immigration
In May 1997, the Australian government announced that the target number of immigrants would be reduced by eight percent to 68,000 in the year

India and Iran
India in late March 1997 began to return illegal Bangladeshi migrants from the northeastern state of Tripura. An estimated 500,000 Bangladeshis moved

ILO: Protecting Vulnerable Migrants
The ILO held a week-long seminar April 21-25, 1997 to formulate guidelines for the protection of "the most vulnerable" migrant workers: temporary