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July 1997, Volume 4, Number 7

The Americas

Some Welfare Benefits Restored
In May 1997, Congressional leaders and President Clinton agreed in the budget compromise to modify the 1996 welfare law to maintain Supplemental

INS Removals, Enforcement and Polls
Removals. The Immigration and Naturalization Service expects to remove or deport 93,000 people in FY97, up from 68,657 in FY96, 50,414 in

Mexico: Immigration, Politics, Border
Immigration. In a May 2, 1997 interview, published in the Journal of Commerce on May 7, 1997, Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce De Leon

California: Race, Welfare and Demography
President Clinton on June 14, 1997 launched what he promised would be a year-long campaign to improve the racial climate in the US. Beginning from

Integration: Children Learn English
Among children under 18 in the US population, some ten million, mostly born in the US, live with immigrant parents. In the view of the author of a

Refugees and Asylum
The US Commission on Immigration Reform on June 6, 1997 urged the creation of a new office in the National Security Council to coordinate US policies


Hong Kong Reverts to China
On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong reverted from British to Chinese rule, ushering in a 50-year period of "one country, two systems." On July

Japan: Foreigners Up
The number for foreign nationals staying in Japan 90 days or more totaled a record 1.4 million at the end of 1996, up four percent from a year

Malaysia: Crackdown Continues
On June 11, 1997, in perhaps the most massive one-day immigration inspection anywhere, authorities checked on the right to work of 8,547 foreigners

Thailand: Extend Amnesty?
Thailand in 1996 permitted employers with illegal workers to register them, so that they could receive two-year work permits. The first deadline was


EU: Slow Progress on Migration
The Intergovernmental Conference of the European Union was held in Amsterdam June 16-17, 1997, and EU countries agreed to cooperate more closely on

Germany: Bosnians, Smuggling
Bosnians and Asylum. Over 1,500 Bosnian refugees demonstrated in Berlin and Bonn on June 5 against forced repatriation. The protests were held

France: Repeal Immigration Laws
On June 19, France's new Socialist Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin, promised to keep the election pledges made in his first policy speech to the

Eastern Europe: Immigration and Unemployment
Several Czech academics advocate immigration to reduce the average age of the country's population. Dusan Drbohlav of Prague's Charles University


Global Trends
World GDP, about $27 trillion in 1996, is expected to double by 2030 to $56 trillion. The IMF expects global GDP to increase by 4.4 percent in 1997

Middle East: Nationalize Work Force?
There are 1.2 million foreigners and 720,000 Kuwaitis in Kuwait. Foreigners hold 99 percent of the 616,000 private sector jobs in Kuwait. Kuwait

ILO: Regulating Labor Migration
Bohning, W.R. 1996. Employing Foreign Workers. A manual on policies and procedures of special interest to middle- and low-income countries.

World/Comparative Migration
Cohen, Robin, ed. 1995. The Cambridge Survey of World Migration. New York. Cambridge University Press. [url=][/url] Robin Cohen

Africa and Refugees
Adepoju, Aderanti and Tomas Hammar. 1996. International Migration in and from Africa: Dimensions, challenges, and prospects. Dakar, Senegal: