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September 1997, Volume 4, Number 9

The Americas

CIR: Split Up INS
The US Commission on Immigration Reform, in its fourth and final report to be released in September 1997, will recommend that the Immigration and

INS: Enforcement
The INS budget for FY97 was $3.1 billion; in FY81, the INS budget was $372 million. The INS reported that there were 475 million legal

Central Americans, Criminals
Central Americans. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 changed the name of a procedure for staying in the

245(i) Adjustments, Naturalization
245(i). Since October 1, 1994, foreigners already in the US when their immigration slot becomes available have been able to pay a fine and

Immigrants and Welfare
Reviews of the 1997 changes to the August 1996 welfare reform law emphasized that the August 1997 budget accord kept in place SSI benefits for

New York: Deaf Mexicans, Palestinians/a> and Haitians/a>
In August, the press made much of three sets of events related to immigration in New York City. Deaf Mexicans. On August 20,

California: Politics, Prisons, Bilingual
Politics. The Los Angeles Times on August 3, 1997 carried an article on " The Impending Collision of Eastside and Westside" that recounted how

Canada: Gypsies and Terrorists
An August 7, 1997 TV documentary has reportedly persuaded about 700 of the 200,000 Gypsies or Roma in the Czech Republic to migrate to Canada.


Asian Migration News
Asian Migration News (AMN) is a new electronic posting that summarizes current information on migration patterns and policies. It is edited by

Malaysia Stops Recruitment
On August 20, 1997, the Malaysian government announced that it would freeze the recruitment of new unskilled foreign workers, the latest round in the

China: Migrant Workers
The living and working conditions of migrant workers within China were described in an article in the Los Angeles Times on August 3, 1997. As a

Japan: More Foreign Workers?
On August 8, several Japanese corporate executives urged the government to consider increasing the number of foreign workers admitted to Japan. The

Taiwan: Labor Brokers and Guest Workers
The August 8, 1997 issue of Asiaweek includes a lengthy article about the activities of labor brokers in Taiwan, emphasizing that many foreign

Singapore's Foreign Workers
In 1996, Singapore's population was 3.6 million, including 560,000 foreigners; the population was three million in 1990. Between 1977 and 1987,


France: Liberalize Immigration Policy?
On August 1, former interior minister Debre called the recommendation of sociologist Patrick Weil to broaden the definition of refugee to include

Germany: Foreign Workers and Refugees
Foreign Workers/Unemployment. Germany is experiencing a new "iron triangle" of labor market conditions in Berlin--high public spending, high

UK: Asylum Policies to Change
On August 21, the British government announced plans to make massive changes to the system dealing with asylum seekers. The Home Office said that

Italy: Crackdown on Immigration?/a>
Italian opposition parties on August 13, 1997 demanded a crackdown on illegal immigration after several violent incidents involving foreigners. In

Guestworkers: Norway and Austria
In the midst of a five-year economic boom and with unemployment at 3.5 percent, Norwegian employers are asking for more foreign workers to fill

Asylum: Ireland, Netherlands and Sweden
Since June 1997, the Irish police check entrants to Ireland at Dromad on the Belfast-Dublin road, and in July 1997, they refused entry to 310

No Visa-Free Travel to US for Central Europeans
Central Europeans who want to vacation in the United States face long lines and rigorous questioning at US consulates. Some nationals of the Czech


Australia, New Zealand
Australia. In August, 1997, former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser called for a sharp increase in immigration to raise the population

Africa: Illegal Aliens
South Africa. South Africa reported that it was removing 1,400 illegal aliens each week in July 1997, or 82,000 in the first six months of

South Asia: Future Migrants?
Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have 1.2 billion residents, as many as China. All four countries send workers abroad. As India celebrated

Binational Study
US Commission on Immigration Reform. 1997. Binational Study on Migration: Executive Summary. Washington: US Commission on Immigration Reform.

German-American Comparisons
Weiner, Myron. Ed. 1997. Migration and Refugees: Politics and Policies in the United States and Germany. Providence, RI. Berghahn Books. Five