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October 1997, Volume 4, Number 10

The Americas

245(i), Naturalization and Immigration
245(i). In 1994, Congress amended the Immigration and Nationality Act to permit foreigners in the US when their immigration visas became

Enforcement and Databases
Border. The INS in June 1996 laid out the border-enforcement strategy exemplified by Gatekeeper and similar operations on the Mexican border.

CIR: Americanization
The US Commission on Immigration Reform issued its final report September 30, 1997, and urged the US government to "Americanize immigrants," or do

California: Rand, Population, Dornan
Rand. Rand in September 1997 released a 321-page report that examined the effects of immigration on California and urged the US to reduce

Integration: Voting, English, Housing
Voting. Local governments spent $4 million to provide bilingual assistance to voters in the 1996 elections, according to the General

Central American Deportation Relief
On September 24, 1997, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) introduced the Central American Deportation Relief Act, which would exempt Nicaraguans who arrived in

High-Tech Foreign Workers
The US Commerce and Education departments in September 1997 issued a report that warned of a growing shortage of workers with advanced computer

Canada and Czech Roma
The Canadian Embassy in Prague said on September 15 that if the number of Czech Sinti and Roma requesting political asylum does not decline, the

Mexico: Migrants and the Economy
Migrants. Mexico's Foreign Minister Jose Angel Gurria condemned stepped-up US border controls at the United Nations General Assembly on


Hong Kong: Test Case
On September 18, 1997, the first hearing was held on the legality of Immigration No 5 Ordinance, approved by the Beijing-backed Provisional

Korea: Trainee to Worker After Two Years
On September 9, the South Korean government approved a revision of the Immigration Control Law granting foreign workers the right to organize, to

Japan: Trainees and Illegal Immigration
In 1996, more foreigners were arrested for illegally working in Japan than were allowed to work legally as unskilled laborers. Presently, the only

Malaysia Lifts Foreign Maid Ban
Malaysia announced on September 8 the lifting of a three-week old ban on the importation of foreign domestic workers, and the end of the five-year

Thailand: Crisis and Migration
Thailand obtained an IMF bailout in August, after a financial crisis brought on by over-reliance on foreign investment and credit, changing trends in

Taiwan to Recruit in Nicaragua
Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs announced on September 23 that it has begun negotiations to bring workers from Vietnam and Nicaragua. Since 1990,

Indonesia: Armed Forces Control Emigration
The Indonesian armed forces will oversee "all stages" of labor immigration, and the Indonesian navy announced plans to step up patrols and tighten


EU: Migrants, Population
Migrants. Austrian Vice-Chancellor Wolfgang Schussel called for an international convention against the smuggling of illegal immigrants in a

Germany: Immigration and Enforcement
An EU decision in July 1997 led Germany to stop the recruitment of Eastern European workers under bilateral agreements; the EU concluded that because

France: Automatic Citizenship?
In September, French Interior Minister Jean-Pierre Chevenement announced a legislative proposal to grant citizenship to French-born children when

Italy: Proposed Immigration Law, Albanians
As Parliament prepares to debate a new Immigration Act that makes it easier to detain and deport apprehended illegal aliens, the cabinet of Italy's

Immigration in Norway and Austria
In mid-September elections in Norway, the 25-year-old anti-immigrant Progress Party captured 15.5 percent of the vote, up from six percent in 1993.

Morocco and Spain
Morocco has pledged to prevent Africans from leaving for Spain illegally and, in return, got a promise of EU help to destroy its cannabis crop.

Eastern Europe and Russia
Migrants from the former USSR are moving to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, according to a September 25, 1997 story in the Wall Street

Foreign Workers in Ireland
The union representing Dublin area hotel and restaurant workers complained in September that a "new sub-culture of exploited labor" is developing in

Greece: Amnesty?
Greece in September 1997 announced plans to provide legal status for six months to three years for to up to 500,000 illegal immigrants by September


Australia: Illegals and Hanson
Illegals. The Australian government has agreed to cooperate with Indonesia to reduce the flow of illegal Indonesians arriving in Australia.

Middle East
Bahrain. In July 1997 Bahrain announced a three-month amnesty during which illegal foreigners can legalize their status, leave the country or