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November 1997, Volume 4, Number 11

The Americas

245(i) and Central Americans
245(i). On October 22, 1997, the US House of Representatives agreed to extend until November 7, 1997 the 245(i) provision of immigration law

INS: Enforcement, eportations, Sponsorship
Border Enforcement. The INS apprehended 1.3 million foreigners unlawfully in the US in FY97, down from 1.6 million in FY96. The

Welfare and Poverty
On September 1, 1997, many legal immigrants lost their food stamp benefits. In reviews of the events of September and October, few visible impacts of

California: Bilingual Education, Rural Poverty
Bilingual Education. In October, many newspapers ran background reports on bilingual education with titles such as "fix or end the bilingual

Florida's Changing Hispanics
Miami. Voters on September 4, 1997 rejected the abolition of the city of Miami, population 350,000. A referendum to have Dade county,

Canadian Immigration
Attitudes. A study by the Canadian Ministry of Immigration found that residents of Toronto, where 44 percent of Canada's immigrants live, are

Mexico: Maquiladoras, Remittances
Maquiladoras. Some 897,354 Mexicans were employed in 2,676 maquiladoras in June 1997, up 16 percent over 1996, and maquiladoras exported goods

Guest Workers: High Tech, Marianas
The US Department of Commerce in October 1997 released a report that concluded that: "the emergence of a world-wide shortage of information


Hong Kong: Mainland Children
A Hong Kong court in October rejected pleas that mainland-born Chinese children be allowed to remain in Hong Kong with their parents after being

Japan: Illegal Immigration
More than 1,070 illegal immigrants have been arrested in Japan since January, compared with 679 in all of 1996. The National Police Agency reports

Singapore Lures Skilled Foreigners
In August, Singapore's Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong called for more skilled immigrants, saying that Singapore needs "the world's best talent to

China: Migration and Population Growth
Migration. Estimates of internal migration based on village surveys suggest that there were about 41 million rural-urban migrant workers in

Thailand: Crisis and Migrants
Foreign workers are being laid off in Thailand, as economic activity is reduced as a result of the financial crisis. At least 17,000 foreign workers,

Malaysia: Economics and Migration
On October 23, Malaysia's deputy home minister said, "If the country's economic situation persists, the government may have to cease issuing work

Korea: Trainees to Illegals
On October 1, 1997, the Korean Labor Ministry told the National Assembly that 34 percent of foreign trainees had left their employers without

Taiwan's Foreign Workers
The Council of Labor Affairs reported that 30,800 foreign workers had abandoned their employers and contracts as of September 30, 1997, or 12 percent

Indonesia and Vietnam: Labor Exports
Indonesian Manpower Minister Abdul Latief in October 1997 said that 1.95 million Indonesians are employed abroad, and that they earn an average of


Governments Respond to Romanies
Slovak and Czech Romanies, lured by TV programs about "lands of milk and honey," are migrating to Canada, France and the UK and applying for

EU: Fears of Polish Migration
The new Chair of the European Parliament's Joint Parliamentary Committee, Ursula Stenzel, said on October 8 that there are several difficulties about

Germany: Immigration Policy
Germany is expected to hold elections for a new Parliament in September 1998, and many observers think it is possible that the SPD will enter a

Italy: Schengen, Albanians
On October 26, 1997 Italy took its first step toward implementing the Schengen accord by eliminating passport controls on flights arriving from

France: Immigration Proposal
The French cabinet on October 16, 1997 sent a bill to the National Assembly that would make 15 changes to French immigration law, including making it

Russian Migrant Workers
Most of the construction workers in Moscow are migrants, either from distant regions of the Russian Federation, from CIS countries such as Ukraine,


Middle East: Crackdown
The crackdown on illegal foreign workers in the Gulf states has sent foreigners scrambling to leave. Since July 1997, more than 16,000 foreigners

Immigration to Israel Down
Israel anticipated 55,000 immigrants in 1997, down from 80,000 in 1996. Part of the decrease is due to fewer immigrants from the ex-USSR; 100,000

Refugees, Environment
In April, Sadako Ogata, director of UN High Commissioner for Refugees, called for a UN military force to protect persons displaced from their homes,

Australia and New Zealand
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in October repeated his call for more immigrants to raise Australia's population from the current 18 million to

Immigration Data and Polls
The INS released its 1996 statistical yearbook in October. Immigrants. Some 915,900 foreigners were granted legal permanent

Counting on the Latino Vote: Latinos as a New Electorate
DeSipio, Louis. 1996. Counting on the Latino Vote: Latinos as a New Electorate. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press This book

Counting on the Latino Vote: Latinos as a New Electorate
Mikatavage, Raimonda. 1997. Counting on the Latino Vote: Latinos as a New Electorate. Hampstead, MD. Melodija Books.