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December 1997, Volume 4, Number 12

The Americas

Congress: Central Americans, 245(i)
Central Americans. In November, Congress took action to ease the situation of Central Americans in the US. About 400,000 Central

Sponsorship, Welfare
Sponsorship. US residents wishing to sponsor relatives for immigration must demonstrate that they have an income of at least 125 percent of

INS: Budget, Enforcement
Congress approved a $3.8 billion budget for the INS in FY98, including $211 million for revamping the naturalization process. Among the innovations

California: Proposition 187 Unconstitutional
In Los Angeles on November 14, 1997, US District Court Judge Mariana R. Pfaelzer in Los Angeles ruled that Proposition 187 violates both the US

New York: Dominicans, Senegalese
New York's Dominican population has increased from 125,380 in 1980 to 332,713 in 1990 to 495,000 in 1997, and is projected to be 700,000 in 2000, but

Employment, Inequality
Labor Market. The US unemployment rate fell to 4.7 percent in October, 1997, the lowest since October 1973, when the rate was 4.6 percent. The

CIR Pushes for Changes
Commission in Immigration Reform Chair Shirley Hufstedler summarized the CIR's findings and recommendations on the economic impact of immigration,

Canada: 17 Percent Immigrant
At the end of 1996, there were five million foreign-born residents in Canada, making immigrants 17 percent of the 29 million Canadians, up from 16

Mexico: Remittances, Economy and Unions
Remittances. On November 6, 1997, a Los Angeles attorney filed a suit seeking at least $1 billion against Western Union and MoneyGram for

Caribbean: Migrants
The Dominican Republic in November 1997 announced that it would crackdown on the estimated 300,000 illegal immigrants in the country and stop

Fast Track and NAFTA
In November, 1997, President Clinton withdrew his request for fast-track trade agreement negotiating authority because he lacked the votes in the


Foreigners in Japan
On November 11, Amnesty International reported that foreigners held in Japanese jails and immigration detention centers risk being beaten, humiliated

Malaysia: August 1998 Deadline
The Malaysian government announced that after August 15, 1998, foreign workers may be forced to leave the country. After that date, the Immigration

Indonesia: Remittances
State Minister of National Development Planning Ginandjar Kartasasmita in November 1997 said that there were 945,924 Indonesians working overseas in

Singapore: Levy Changes
Singapore announced in November that the monthly tax or levy on unskilled construction workers and domestic maids will increase on April 1, 1998,

Vietnam: Viet Kieu, Exits
Some two million Vietnamese live outside Vietnam, including 1.2 million in the US, 300,000 in France, 200,000 each in Australia and Canada, and

Thailand: Illegals, Guest Workers
The Bangkok Post reported on November 24 that more than 100,000 foreign children are working in the country illegally. The director of the Center for

Korea: No New Foreign Trainees
Korea announced that it will not import foreign industrial trainees in 1998 because of the economic crisis and the "social problems" caused by


EU: Mobility, Employment, Smuggling
The EU Commission on November 12, 1997 adopted measures that are expected to increase the mobility of workers within the EU, and make it easier for

Germany: Dual Nationality
Under current German law, most foreigners must live in Germany for 15 years, have no felony convictions, be able to support themselves, and renounce

Italy: Immigration Law
Law. On November 18, Italy's lower house of Parliament approved a draft law that would allow authorities to expel illegal immigrants

Denmark: People's Party
The two-year old anti-immigrant Danish People's Party captured 6.8 percent of the vote in local elections on November 19. The Danish People's Party

French Immigration Bill
The French government will reportedly grant residency to a majority of the 140,000 illegal immigrants who applied. According to a November 1997

Netherlands: Tighten
The Netherlands will tighten enforcement in order to prevent an influx of illegal immigrants, especially from Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey, by

UK/Ireland Asylum Seekers
The UK announced that it was establishing a task force to deal with alien smuggling, after finding that "asylum kits" were being sold for L3,000 to

Russia: Guest Worker Limits
The Russian government has submitted a draft bill to Parliament which would place a ceiling on the number of foreigners allowed to work in Russia.


Middle East: Kuwait, Qatar
Kuwait in November became the fourth Gulf state to announce an amnesty, a period during which illegal foreigners can leave the country without paying

Israel's Palestian Workers
Israel in November 1997 promised to create a special category of Palestinian worker with security clearance who could enter Israel even when the West

Immigration in Australia, New Zealand
Australian Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock is fighting opposition attempts to dilute proposed immigration legislation designed to expedite the

Trends in International Migration: 1996
SOPEMI. 1997. Trends in International Migration: 1996. OECD, Paris. The OECD's Continuous Reporting System on Migration (known under its