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February 1998, Volume 5, Number 2

The Americas

Nonimmigrants: High-Tech
The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), an organization of high-tech companies, plans to push in 1998 for an increase in or

INS: Enforcement, Asylum, Fees
Enforcement. The INS has 12,400 immigration officers authorized to carry a gun and make arrests, more than the 11,300 federal prison guards or

Mexicans in the US
The 7 to 7.5 million Mexican-born residents of the US are almost 30 percent of the 26 million foreign-born residents of the US, and they are moving

California: Bilingual Ed/Los Angeles
Bilingual Education. The English for the Children or Unz initiative that would reduce bilingual education in California public schools came

Nonimmigrants: Marianas, Au Pairs
Employment. The US issues about 20 types of nonimmigrant visas that permit employment, among them A visas for foreign government officials and

Mexico: Wages, Maquiladoras, NAFTA
Mexico's Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE) in January 1998 published the new dual nationality law, which becomes effective March 20, 1998. Mexicans

Caribbean: Cuba, Haitians, Passports
Cuba. Pope John Paul II on his January visit urged young Cubans not to emigrate; instead, he urged them to stay in Cuba, find salvation in its

Labor Market: Enforcement, Recent NBER
A Gannett news analysis of five years of DOL wage and hour records between FY93 and FY97 found that 1.7 million US workers are owed about $860


Crisis and Deportations
Some two to three million migrant workers may be displaced by the economic crisis in Asia. Many analysts predict that the problem of foreign workers

Hong Kong: Children, Guest Workers, Asylum
Children. On January 26, 1998 a Hong Kong judge ruled that 160 mainland-born children with at least one Hong Kong resident parent have the

China: Internal Migration
As the Chinese government closes and restructures state enterprises, millions of urban workers are being displaced, including 12 million in 1997. The

Korea: Illegals Leave
The Korean government planned a January 1998 crackdown on illegal foreign workers, but before it could happen there was reported to be a "mass

Japan: Filipinas, Illegals
On January 26, the Japanese Justice Ministry organized a task force to apprehend foreigners staying illegally in Japan and to prevent illegal


EU: Kurds, Smuggling
Kurds. The arrival of over 2,500 Kurds in southern Italy in December, 1997 and January, 1998 provoked tensions between Italy and other EU

Germany: Data, Ethnic Germans, Asylum
The German Labor Ministry on January 8, 1998 released the latest "Ausländer in Deutschland" report ( As of December 31, 1996, there were

France, Belgium: Suburbs, Algeria
Suburbs. French suburbs were wracked by nighttime violence in December and January with "the vast majority of the perpetrators... of Arab and

Illegal Immigration in Spain/Portugal
A number of North African immigrants living in southern Spain were victims of racially motivated attacks in late December 1997. To avoid serving


Gulf: New Era?
In 1997, most of the major labor-importing Gulf states announced amnesties that permitted illegal foreign workers to leave without paying fines or to

Israel: Integration, Ethiopians
Israel has been giving computers to newly arrived immigrants, both to train them for jobs, and to help them to assimilate. Israel, with a population

Refugees: UNHCR and USCR
UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). 1997. The State of the World's Refugees: A Humanitarian Agenda. New York. Oxford University

Immigration-related Books
Bilsborrow, R.E., Graeme Hugo, A.S. Oberai and Hania Zlotnik. 1997. International Migration Statistics: Guidelines for improving data collection