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April 1998, Volume 5, Number 4

The Americas

INS: Enforcement, Detention
Border. The INS will have 8,000 Border Patrol agents by the end of 1998, double the 4,000 in 1993, and 1,000 more than in 1997. INS

Congress: Food Stamps, H-1Bs, Haitians,
Food Stamps. The agricultural research bill approved by Congress in March 1998 included $818 million over five years to restore Food Stamp

Mexico: Dual Nationality, Migration, Twin Cities
Dual Nationality. Beginning March 20, 1998, Mexicans in the US could acquire or re-acquire rights as Mexican nationals under Mexico's new dual

INS: Naturalization, Organization
Naturalization. The INS received 1.4 million naturalization applications in FY97, up from 1.3 million in FY96 (in FY93, there were 300,000

Immigrant Integration: Children, Social Security
The Wall Street Journal profiled the 3Com work force on March 30, 1998, and reported that 3Com could deal with 1,200 immigrants speaking 20 languages

Canada: Reform Entry Criteria?
Canada, widely considered to have the world's most liberal immigration system, is considering proposals that would more quickly screen asylum

California: Prop 187, Labor, Bilingual Education
Proposition 187. US District Judge Mariana Pfaelzer declared the core provisions of Proposition 187 unconstitutional on March 18, 1998, holding that

Mexico: Mexican Migration Project
Sociologist Douglas Massey launched the Mexican Migration Project in 1982 ( to collect data from


Malaysia/Thailand: Detention, Entry, Employment
A great deal of publicity has attended Malaysia's efforts to reduce illegal immigration, in part because it had the most illegal immigrants before

Illegal Immigration in Singapore
The Singaporean government has taken steps to curb illegal immigration from Indonesia and elsewhere. Police carried out a series of highly publicized

Japan: Citizenship and War Orphans
Japan's Supreme Court refused to award Japanese citizenship to a 49-year-old woman born in Japan to a Korean father and Japanese mother. The woman

Taiwan: Labor Policies
Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs has initiated a new labor policy that will require local construction companies that want to employ more foreign

China/Hong Kong
There are 160,000 to 170,000 foreign maids in Hong Kong and in February 1998, the Hong Kong government decided to freeze maids' salaries at HK$3,860


EU: Asylum Down
The EU's Eurostat office reported that 246,000 foreigners applied for asylum in the 15-nation EU in 1996, down 16 percent from 1995. About 29,100

Germany: No Dual Nationality
On March 27, 1998, the German Bundestag rejected on a 338-317 vote an SPD-backed proposal to change Germany's citizenship laws to allow children born

UK and Ireland: Asylum, Integration
Some 32,500 foreigners applied for asylum in the UK in 1997, up from 27,930 in 1996, giving the UK the most asylum applicants in Europe after Germany

France: Law, National Front
On March 4, 1998, the National Assembly gave final approval to a new law that permits children born in France of foreign parents to request French

Denmark: Anti-Immigrant Party
The Danish Peoples Party won 13 seats, up from nine in the previous Parliament, in the 179-seat Parliament in March 1998 elections on an


Australia, New Zealand
On March 19, about 2,800 migrants launched a class action suit against the Australian government claiming racial discrimination over new visa

South Africa: Gold, Farm Workers
Patrick Matlou, chief director in charge of immigration, announced that all illegal aliens would be deported. In March, Human Rights Watch issued a

Israel: Foreign Workers, Palestinians
Israel's Employment Service Director warns that if the country does not reduce the number of legal and illegal foreign workers it will face a

Gulf: Qatar
Qatar is permitting illegal workers to leave the country until May 20, 1998, and threatening imprisonment and deportation for any of the estimated

Since 1990, Liberia has been wracked by civil wars that have killed an estimated 10 percent of the country's 2.5 million residents, and made 700,000

Bhutan, Nepal
Bhutan, a country of 600,000 bordering India, gets one third of its income from selling power to India from dams constructed in the mountains;

Civic Ideals: Conflicting Views of Citizenship in U.S. History
Smith, Rogers. 1997. Civic Ideals: Conflicting Views of Citizenship in U.S. History. New Haven. Yale University Press. This 700-page