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May 1998, Volume 5, Number 5

The Americas

Foreign-Born Population, Hispanics
New Current Population Survey data released in April show that there were almost 26 million foreign-born residents in 1997. One-third of these

INS: Green Cards, Asylum
Green Cards. The first 50,000 new Permanent Resident Cards were sent to legal immigrants in the US in April 1998. Revised I-551 visas

INS: Foreign Investors
There are a number of US businesses and consultants who advertise the availability of US visas for foreigners seeking to enter the US permanently or

Congress: Food Stamps, Haitians/a>, 1986 Amnesty
Food Stamps. Congress has not yet voted on the Agriculture Research Conference report, which provides $818 million over five years to restore

Congress: H-1Bs
H-1Bs. On April 2, 1998, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved, 12-6, a bill (S 1723) that would raise the visa ceiling from the current

Sierra Club: No Change
The Sierra Club, the largest US environmental organization, announced April 25, 1998 that its members had voted 60-40 percent against changing the

Canada: Czechs
The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board issued a 30-page report that found that Czech gypsies (Romanies) suffer discrimination in all areas of

Mexico: Economy,FTAA
President Clinton nominated Jeffrey Davidow, a professional diplomat, to be U.S. ambassador to Mexico. According to Banco de Mexico,

California: 227, Labor
Bilingual Education. An April 1998 Los Angeles Times poll reported that registered California voters favor Proposition 227--the Save our

New York: Dominicans, Unite
About 10 percent of the people alive today who were born in the Dominican Republic have migrated to the US, and Dominican immigration continues at

US Supreme Court
The US Supreme Court in April 1998 ruled 6-3 that fathers and mothers can be treated differently in deciding whether children born out of wedlock and

Miami, Central Americans
The top-rated television station in Miami in February 1998 was WLTV, a Spanish-language station owned by the Los Angeles-based Univision network.


Crisis and Migration
As the economic crisis in southeast Asia continues, most experts expect the number of illegal migrants to increase. The region already has the

Malaysia: Deportations
Deportations. On April 10, 1998, about 40 Indonesians jumped over walls and fences to enter the US, Swiss, French and Brunei embassies in

Singapore: Enforcement
Singapore, a country of 3.5 million, has about 450,000 foreign workers, including 100,000 foreign maids--about one household in seven in Singapore

Korea: Illegals Trapped
South Korea set a March 31, 1998 deadline for illegal workers to leave the country. However, as the deadline approached, many illegal foreign workers

Hong Kong/China
Children. A Hong Kong appeals court on April 2, 1998 ruled that mainland children with the right to live in Hong Kong (because one of their

Japan: Structural Dependence?
The University of California/San Diego Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies released a report in April 1998 that concludes that a broad range of


Immigration in EU
About one million non-EU foreigners a year enter the EU, mostly to join family members settled in the EU, or to apply for asylum. The countries with

Germany: Bosnians, Politics
Bosnians. About 340,000 Bosnians moved to Germany in the early 1990s, and 220,000 remain; the Bosnian return rate is about 35 percent. Most

France: New Law
The final version of France's new immigration law was approved April 8, 1998. The vote in the National Assembly divided the ruling left-wing

UK/Ireland: Asylum
Both Britain and Ireland are considering more restrictive regulations to deal with an upsurge in asylum applicants. A Home Office report concluded

Benelux, Denmark
Netherlands. In April, 1998, the VVD Liberals, part of the ruling coalition of Labor, Liberals and D66 Democrats, made a pre-election pledge

Hungary, Russia
Hungary. The Wall Street Journal on April 27, 1998 reported that Budapest is joining most German cities in developing a day labor market:

Southern Europe/North Africa
The Statistical Office of the European Communities released a report on April 16 that found that 1.3 percent of European Union residents are


Israel at 50
The 50th anniversary of the founding of Israel on April 30 prompted many articles about Jewish immigration. Israel has almost six

Australia: Immigration Unchanged
Australia announced that it would not change immigration levels in 1998-99, admitting 80,000 immigrants--68,000 family and economic immigrants and

Middle East
Yemen in April 1998 announced measures to reduce the employment of foreigners. There are 26,000 non-Yemeni workers with work permits, but another

Highlights of Migration Dialogue
The sixth Migration Dialogue seminar was held April 16-19, 1998 in Miami. Migration Dialogue seminars provide an opportunity for 40 to 45 opinion

Forbidden Workers
Kwong, Peter. 1998. Forbidden Workers: Illegal Chinese Immigrants and American Labor. New York. The Free Press. January. This book

Transnationalism from Below
A conference on transnationalism was held at UC Davis on April 24-25, 1998. Papers were presented on "transnationalism from below," i.e.,