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June 1998, Volume 5, Number 6

The Americas

Congress: H-1Bs, Food Stamps
Action will probably be completed in June 1998 on two immigration-related measures considered by Congress in May. The ceiling on the number of H-1B

INS: Enforcement
Sanctions. The INS is reportedly requiring local INS offices to warn employers before raiding them if they are suspected of

INS: Deportation, Detention
The INS deported 113,325 foreigners in FY97 and expects to deport 127,300 in FY98. In the first six months of FY98, the INS removed 78,291

California: 227, Politics
Prop 227. President Clinton in May opposed Proposition 227, saying that it set rigid and unrealistic deadlines for the learning

Mexico: Dual Nationality, Manufacturing
Migration. Naturalized US citizens from Mexico on March 20, 1998 began to reclaim Mexican nationality, which they lost when they

Naturalization and Nicaraguans
Naturalization. Two million foreigners in the US who have applied for naturalization are waiting to be interviewed. The interval

New York: Chinese, Taxes, Ellis Island
Chinese. In May, the INS detained 22 Chinese attempting to enter the US from a 28-foot power boat at Bay Head, an affluent

Refugees, Asylum
In consultation with Congress, the US President sets an annual ceiling on the number of refugees to be admitted; for FY97 and FY98 the ceiling is


Conference: Crisis and Migration
A May 1998 conference organized by the Scalabrini Migration Center in Manila noted that the southeast Asian financial crisis was triggered by the

Indonesia: Chinese, Migrants
Indonesia, with a population of 204 million and a labor force of 90 million, has eight million unemployed workers. Some projections suggest that

Japan: G-8 Concerns
At the G-8 meeting of leaders of industrialized nations in the UK in May 1998, the Japanese government expressed growing concern about the activities

Malaysia and Singapore
Malaysia was criticized by UNHCR and NGOs concerned with refugees and human rights for not permitting Indonesians to apply for political asylum

Thailand: Crackdown and Shortage
On May 1, 1998, Thai authorizes began to search for undocumented foreign workers. A detention center was established in Bangkok to deal with the

Hong Kong: Children, Foreign Workers
On May 20, the Hong Kong Court of Appeal reversed the ruling of Justice Brian Keith and ruled that only mainland babies born after their parents had


EU: Amsterdam Treaty
In June 1997 in Amsterdam, EU-member nations agreed to cooperate more closely on immigration, asylum and visa matters, but they did not agree to move

Germany: Asylum, Border Control
At the beginning of 1998, there were 7.4 million foreigners in Germany, making them nine percent of Germany's 82 million residents. There were 2.1

France: Removals, Politics
France received 74,000 immigrants in 1997. Over half were from Africa, followed by 30 percent from other EU nations. At the request of

Czech, Russia: Guest Workers
The Czech Republic is under pressure to tighten controls over entries from its eastern neighbors in anticipation of EU entry. The Czech Republic does

Foreigners in Greece, Italy
Greece announced that unauthorized foreigners who register with the Organisation for the Employment of Human Resources (OAED) by the May 31, 1998


Foreign Workers in the Middle East
Foreigners illegally working in Oman after May 1, 1998 face one month in jail, a fine of 100 rials ($260) and deportation; 24,000 illegal foreigners

Australia, New Zealand
A report commissioned by the Australian Immigration Department compared the economic impact of the 1995-96 migrant intake of about 100,000 to the

Immigration in Africa
Namibia increased its fees for becoming a permanent resident from N2,500 to N$7,000 (US $1,550) on April 1, making Namibia one of the most expensive

Recent German Literature
Muenz, Rainer, Wolfgang Seifert, Ralf Ulrich. 1997. Zuwanderung nach Deutschland: Strukturen, Wirkungen, Perspektiven. New York. Campus. fax