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July 1998, Volume 5, Number 7

The Americas

Clinton: Avoid Xenophobia
In a June 13, 1998 graduation speech at Portland State University, President Clinton urged Americans to welcome immigrants. "I believe new immigrants

Congress: Food Stamps, H-1B, Haitians
Food Stamps. On June 4, the House voted 364-50 to restore Food Stamps to 250,000 of the 900,000 legal immigrants who lost them in 1997 as a

INS: Enforcement, Asylum
Most of the 23 Chinese men apprehended when their boat ran ashore on the New Jersey beach in May 1998 have requested political asylum. The men, from

California: 227, Welfare, Economy
Proposition 227, the initiative ending bilingual instruction, was approved by California voters, 61 percent to 39 percent on June 2. According to

Courts Block Quick Removals
The US Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that may clarify the constitutionality of the IIRIRA provision that limits the right of foreigners to

Mexico: Agriculture
Agriculture is the largest single sector of employment in Mexico: some six to seven million Mexicans, about 25 percent of the labor force, are

Caribbean, Central America
Caribbean. As the weather improves, more Cubans and Haitians are setting out for the US. According to the INS, more Cubans are using smugglers

Naturalization and Civic Culture
The House Immigration subcommittee on June 11, 1998 approved on a party-line 5-2 vote HR 2837, the Citizenship Integrity and Backlog Reduction Act of


Structural Demand for Migrants?
As the one-year anniversary of the Asian financial crisis approaches, three themes have come to dominate the discussion of the economic crisis and

Thailand: Repatriations and Shortage
As Thailand expels legal and illegal foreign workers, Thai employers are complaining of labor shortages. Thailand has expelled about 200,000

Malaysia: Shortage and Surplus
Some 35,000 workers were laid off in Malaysia in the first five months of 1998--13 percent were foreign workers. However, in four months of 1997, 325

Japan: Illegal Workers Stable
The Japanese estimate that 276,000 foreigners were working illegally in Japan in January 1998, and the Maritime Safety Agency estimates that 4,000 to

Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong. Local workers will be the first hired under the Hong Kong government's emergency employment program which will create 100,000 new

Philippines: Deployment, Vietnamese
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) reported in June 1998 that 559,227 Filipinos were sent abroad in 1997, including 160,302 or


EU: Asylum Seekers Up in 1997
In 1997, some 250,880 foreigners applied for asylum in the EU, up from 231,610 in 1996. Germany had 104,400 asylum applicants or 42 percent of the

Germany: Asylum, Politics
Asylum/Bosnians. On June 25, Germany approved legislation that would reduce benefits to the estimated 10,000 to 30,000 foreigners in Germany

France: 70,000 Get Amnesty
On June 2, France said that it will allow 70,000 of the 150,000 immigrants, known as "sans papiers" because they do not have residence papers, to

UK, Ireland: Asylum
UK. The UK receives the largest number of asylum applicants in Europe after Germany. This is in part because Heathrow airport is the world's

Russia, Eastern Europe
Non-Russian workers in Moscow are reportedly being extorted by police. Some illegal migrant workers keep $50 to $100 in their pockets to be given to


Australia/New Zealand
In the June 13 state election in Queensland, Pauline Hanson's one-year old One Nation party received 23 percent of the vote, giving One Nation at

South Africa: Illegals Returned
South Africa reported that it spent R200 million ($33 million) to return 173,000 illegal aliens in 1997, up sharply from 6,300 returns in 1991. Based

Middle East
Israel. Nine foreign construction workers died in an accident at the Ashkelon power plant project in May 1998, and their deaths produced a

South America: Brazil, Mercosur
Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso was reportedly considering an amnesty for the estimated 300,000 illegal aliens in Brazil in June 1998.

Binational Study: Background Papers
The executive summary of the Binational Study on Migration was released in August 1997 (MN, September 1997). The background papers covering numbers,

Immigration Text Book
DeSipio, Louis and Rudolfo de la Garza. 1998. Making Americans, Remaking America. Immigration and Immigrant Policy. Boulder. Westview Press.

Millman: Immigration is Good
Millman, Joel. 1997. The Other Americans: How Immigrants Renew Our Country, Our Economy, and Our Values. Viking. July. Is the US